Burnishing a vintage jacket.

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Samcurr, May 8, 2021.

  1. Samcurr

    Samcurr New in Town

    I bought a thrift store tan leather jacket. Is it possible to burnish the edges of the jacket or give it a burnished effect through some other technique? Anyone try something like this? Jacket didn't cost much so I'm open to experimenting.
  2. navetsea

    navetsea I'll Lock Up

    East Java
    yeah, you can add beeswax either rub a chunk of beeswax or beeswax in paste/ balm form or leather final coat (google it, there are many of them in this category) and burnish it with slicker manual wooden tool, or the same tool but as drill bit to use rotary tool to speed it up, then horse brush it, it will get shiny on that spot.
    vegtan or leather that is drier and crispier in texture is better in giving shiny result compared to one that is more fleshy or feel oily.
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