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Chippewa for J.Crew - Size 12D - 6” Inch Leather Boots - Cordovan Color


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Chippewa for J Crew Size 12D 6” Inch Leather Boots in Cordovan color (not to be confused with shell cordovan leather). Great boots with some patina. Comes with an extra set of new boot laces.

Asking $169 OBO. Cross listed.

Purchased back in 2015 and have been worn intermittently since. These were resoled in 2021 with Vibram mini-lug soles and have been only worn a few times since. You are basically getting a pair that have almost new soles minus any break in. Only selling because they feel too short on me now.

I wore these when I got into my one motorcycle crash. One of the boots at the ankle got scuffed.

These have been treated with Filson boot oil recently. The boots are definitely darker than they were brand new, but still beautiful. There appears to be what looks like minor surface cracking where the foot bends, but it doesn’t appear to be a structural issue or something that’s penetrated through the leather. Some minor and noticeable scuffs and cuts. With regular conditioning these should last a long time.

Please see all the photos included to get a feel for their condition and feel free to send me a message with any questions!


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