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    I received my Eagle Leather Bronson jacket yesterday and is every bit as nice as the first jacket I had that I ended up selling several years ago.

    The leather is thick, patterned nicely, and well finished. It smells like it was vegetable tanned rather than chrome tanned. My German Polizei jackets all smell like they are chrome tanned.

    Eagle Leather has their name on these jackets, but the label says made in Pakistan and I believe (though with no proof) that these jackets are made by Five Star Leather. This would explain the incredible price for a jacket of this quality and features.

    Kevlar stitching is used throughout, with YKK brass zippers and brass snaps. Protective memory foam armor is installed in the shoulders, elbows, and a slightly thicker broad pad runs down the center of the back to protect the spine. My old Brosnan did not come with this pre-installed except for the elbow padding.

    The lining is a medium-weight mesh lining that makes it easy to get on and off. There is also a Thinsulate snap-in liner that comes already installed and is secured with snaps surrounding the inside edge of the jacket and two snaps in the sleeves to keep from pulling it out when taking the jacket off.

    It has two inside pockets that can be reached through the Thinsulate lining. One for a wallet, and the other a deep Napoleon pocket perfect for concealed carry. The Nap pocket is zippered and the wallet pocket has a snap tab.

    The four outside pockets are all zippered and the lower pockets are fleece lined and large enough to partially extend your fingers inside but are on the small side. The two upper pockets are simply lined with what feels like cotton and are large enough for a pack of cigarettes if you smoke, or cash, or a lighter, etc.

    It fits snug like an A-2 jacket and is very flattering on me. I may though, remove the shoulder padding as it makes me look larger in the shoulder than I actually am. This is memory foam used for padding so at first glance in the mirror it may not have yet compressed and formed to my shoulders. I have Meindl hiking boots with memory foam and it takes a minute or two to fully compress after tying. So much so, Meindl recommends checking and re-tying if necessary.

    The back has a weather protected zippered vent at the bottom of the yoke and smaller zippered vents on the sleeves for flow-through while riding in warm weather. The sleeves are also zippered for a close fit at the cuff and are slightly flared at the ends. Sleeve length is perfect with no bunching in the forearm and the back is bi-swing so the sleeves do not ride up while reaching for the handlebar.

    The leather has a soft hand and is not as stiff as I remember. Shipping weight was slightly over eight pounds, so discounting the box weight I would say this is in the neighborhood of at least seven pounds+. It will protect you well in an accident or having to lay the bike down to avoid one.

    This jacket is as well made as my first Bronson and I'm glad I replaced it. I would like to confirm if Five Star made this, but I couldn't find it on their web site. It may be custom made for Eagle Leather only.





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