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Field Leathers Buco J82


Familiar Face
This is an overdue and belated review/photos of this wonderful jacket that Greg at Field Leathers had made for me.

Theres a bit of a story that comes with this jacket. If any of y'all have been following my threads, you'd know I was in Scotland for the past few years, which gave me access to Greg directly. I first contacted him back in 2020 I want to say, and originally we were discussing a Manhattan or a Cafe Racer off his site directly, but one day, I asked him if he'd be willing to make me a J82 and he agreed.

Now he did warn me in advance that it would take him extra long to make it as he had never made a jacket with that sort of stitching before, and I was fine with that, so we got started. Fast forward about a year, year and a half later, I received the jacket in the mail. At that point I was gearing up for my move back to New York, so unfortunately I hadn't had the chance to sit down and write this article. But, now that I have time, here is the article.

The jacket is black teacore Shinki and instantly wearable. I worked closely with him in terms of fittings and opinions so we managed to get the perfect jacket for me, with the perfect sleeve volume and armhole height. I once again asked for a relatively shorter body in congruence with a true "motorcycle jacket" fit, so it is a few inches shorter than the RMC offering of this jacket. I think the greatest testament of this jacket was that I literally wore it from Edinburgh--> Amsterdam 3 hour flight transfer--> New York City in one long 10 hour journey and had zero issues at all with it and that time would probably count as my second wear of the jacket. It is just insanely, superbly comfortable out of the box, which I've never had before with a leather jacket aside from some very light Mister Freedom fares.

Without further ado, here are photos, and I would be happy to answer any questions.



One Too Many
awesome, you got to him right before I did. I asked him for the same thing and he mentioned someone had just asked to do one as well. Although I'm kind of going in different direction now. But he nailed it for sure.


One of the Regulars
I saw this in the FL Instagram and it stood out as an absolutely ice-cool jacket - looks awesome straight out of the box - great choice!