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Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

John A Koehler

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There are presently 38 members and 440 guests online. I would imagine a certain percentage of those guests are new to the leather game and are here to listen to the opinions of the experts. I, myself, have been VERY influenced by what I have read on this forum in terms of what I have chosen to/not to pursue. So, I'd recommend providing alternatives to people if we are going to criticize a jacket for sale.

To say "...that Zipper ruins an otherwise very nice leather jacket..." All I can say is, it must be nice to be able to pass on a jacket because of a zipper. Some on here struggle to find ANY vintage jackets due to our size.

I would proudly wear that jacket along with my cheap Dickies jeans and old boots. The essence of leather has always been "freedom" and not giving a flying flip what anyone else thinks. And I've yet to ever be told by anyone in my long my life "Oooh, nice zipper." Or, "Oh my, that zipper just doesn't work." I'm not saying we shouldn't try to wear "proper" leather jackets. But we are missing out on things in life if everything has to be perfect.

We don't know who put that zipper on there. Maybe it was an owner who simply couldn't afford more. If it was the seller, I can understand them not wanting to spend a lot on a zipper that will allow them to break even on the investment, at best.

Am not going to debate the jacket is properly priced. I will say that I would gladly advise someone to buy that jacket(assuming it is in good condition) over spending $400 for a new jacket that cannot compare in terms of leather quality.

A couple of days ago at a local gas station, I bought shoes for an elderly woman in a wheelchair that had nothing on her feet. Yes, right here in the "rich" USA. Most people in my poor, rural county could never dream of owning a leather jacket. We are fortunate to have the luxury of debating zippers.
Amen to that.
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