For sale- Trickers Kudu boots, Caramel, Uk9

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    Hi all
    First time poster here. I have lovely pair of hand made Trickers boots, Made in England. UK 9.
    Light use only, mild signs of internal wear, no real external marks apart from a few natural marks on the leather. Kudu leather is from an an African Antelope. It is tough but soft, and doesn’t need regular polishing, only brushing to remove dirt.
    I’ve had these boots about 3 years but they are about 1/2 size too big.
    Resoled a few months ago with Ridgeway soles. The original soles weren’t worn but I preferred a chunkier sole.
    I will take some more photos in natural light in a few days.
    The colour is a beautiful rich caramel brown.
    Price USD$250 including postage

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