FS: 7 3/8 'The Stetson Special' Homburg 1940's?

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    I did a little bit of research on this one and I'm pretty sure it's from the 40's but feel free to correct me!

    It fits a little snug on me so I feel it could work for either a 7 3/8 or 7 1/4 head ( I'm a 7 3/8 Long Oval )

    Nice rich brown homburg with some cosmetic issues - It was my first homburg and bought to fix up but I feel like the smaller brims just don't suit me.

    5 3/4 open crown 2 brim with the curl

    The bottom side of the brim has some visible moth tracks as well as a few spots on the crown which are very hard to see.

    The binding has some issues as well - I'm not sure what it is but is clearly visible in the photos

    Aside from the mothing obviously the felt is nice and soft vintage quality

    There are a few visible stitches at the brim break

    The sweatband is supple but detached slightly at the back next to the verdigris

    Will entertain any offers on this one

    Price set at $85.00 OBO + Shipping ( Since it's being shipped from Canada I will have to quote based on destination )

    IMG_2258.JPEG IMG_2259.JPEG IMG_2260.JPEG IMG_2261.JPEG IMG_2262.JPEG IMG_2263.JPEG IMG_2264.JPEG IMG_2265.JPEG IMG_2266.JPEG IMG_2268.JPEG
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