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    Received the jacket 2 days ago but unfortunately this is a size big for me.

    This is their stock (off the rack) jacket.
    I bought this at $1200 (including international shipping/tax) (I live in South Korea currently).
    This fits me okay but not the way I wanted so I am selling it. (should have gone for 43 or 44).

    45 Columbia:
    Front: 22.5”

    Back: 28.5”

    Pit to Pit : 24.5”

    Sleeve (from shoulder seam to the end of the cuff) : 24.5"

    For the reference

    I wear
    44 in Aero cafe racer FQHH
    42 in HWM
    44 in Lewis Leathers
    44 in Thedi

    And the jacket is a size big for me. This will fit nicely on guys wearing 46 in Aero.

    $900 including shipping to CONUS. (I use EMS international) (open to negotiation but hope it stays around 900 since it is basically a new jacket)

    Note : Been sprayed with shower head less than a minute hoping it would mold to my body but didn't work. My name is printed in the lining of the map pocket.

    Its almost painful to sell this jacket.

    I use paypal!

    Thank you!

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    high-maintenance One of the Regulars

    20201117_080157.jpg 20201117_080157.jpg 16055687674893212134762640758579.jpg

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