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    I thought I would give my thoughts on Headwind`s Aviator jacket. This jacket is a recreation of Amelia Earhart`s 1930`s flight jacket, no longer thought to exist and based on photographs of the jacket. Made from Capeskin the leather is extremely supple to the touch and has that large grain criss crossing the panels and the underlying finer grain pattern. The jacket features two external button flap pockets and one internal pocket, a reproduction 1920`s Hookless zipper, wool knits and under arm gussets for greater arm movement, in the neck is a reproduction label for Security Aviation Togs of Chicago, thought to be the most likely maker of Earhart`s original jacket. The Capeskin looks mid brown indoors but takes on a redder chestnut hue in the sunshine. My first thought on receiving the jacket was that it was both lighter and more supple than my Horsehide A2 jacket and therefore I may be able to wear it on warmer days when there is a strong wind without getting as hot as I would wearing the heavier A2. The A2 jacket is my favourite short jacket style but I thought that this was different enough in the details to own as well and it would be nice to have a supple Capeskin jacket with it`s distinctive leather grain pattern. When you wear this jacket it feels more like a light jumper on you than a jacket as the light weight means you do not feel the jacket is hanging from your shoulders in the same way as a Horsehide A2 would. DSCF1669 (2).JPG DSCF1763.JPG DSCF1680.JPG DSCF1696.JPG DSCF1719.JPG DSCF1666 (9).JPG DSCF1664 (4).JPG
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    That looks great! Perfect fit and nice drape on that Cape. Enjoy it.
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    Beautiful jacket.

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