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Lost Worlds Ballistic Nylon Downtown Camouflage Car Coat Size Medium


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I picked this jacket up as an impulse buy and I actually really like it. But I already have too many jackets so it's hard to justify keeping this thing and just having it sit around taking up closet space. Plus I bulked up a little, so perhaps someone out there may be interested in taking this off my hands...

It's brand new or very close to brand new. I've tried it on, but never beat it up or put it through any of the elements. There are a few Irish pennants, particularly around the button holes, but nothing fraying.

It's labeled as a size medium, which is the equivalent of a men's 40/42. Pictures attached for your reference (although some couldn't fit, but I can figure out how to get a picture up if there is something in particular you want to see). And despite those measurements, this jacket "feels" bigger than the measurements, if that makes any sense. Included are two chest pockets, two hand warmer pockets, as well as an interior pocket. Extra buttons also included.


Chest: 21.75
Shoulders: 18"
Sleeve: 26"
Back: 29.5"
Note: measurements may be +/- .5 inches off

Stuart's Write Up:

LOST WORLDS is most known for its armor-like flight and motorcycle jackets in America and Europe. But when we were primarily a manufacturer to the trade, our entire output went to Japan in a variety of styles and materials, unavail. to retail customers. In Japan, LOST WORLDS has a high reputation as men's fashion, not just rugged leather wear, and through the years we made a variety of cotton, wool and nylon jackets for specialty stores.

This CUSTOM DOWNCOAT CAR COAT is such a LW design. (Originally cost over $600.00 in Japan in 1999!) For the beautiful, unusual shell we use spectacular military Ballistic Nylon -- puncture-proof, tear-proof, waterproof-- in a unique FOLIAGE shade. Think terrain observation from above for a visual sense of FOLIAGE. The lining is sheer military OD parachute ripstop with Hollofil interlining. Truly comfortable and cushioning and warm. Highest quality materials. Two biased chest pockets complete the DOWNTOWN variation.

Just a super-hip, awesome-quality LW jacket that can't be easily categorized -- no cookie cutter conformity You wear this and you're immediately set out from the crowd -- but not far ... you've just gone farther.

Constructed to last, pinpoint American workmanship. An instant favorite because you can wear it anyway in virtually any weather. Water pours right off. Interior snap pocket protects and conceals everything from wallets to firearms and all points in between.

Asking $350 plus shipping with PayPal friends and family.


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You're never too old to be wearing camouflage. :)

But yeah, the jacket is well-made. Supposedly, although I wouldn't want to try it since it's not a fitted jacket, you could also wear this on a motorcycle and the ballistic nylon is supposed to hold up in the event of a skid.


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Los Angeles, California
Is this like a shell - no lining or internal insulation type of thing?

If it's a normal jacket with insulation, I'll give it a try for $175. I live in Los Angeles, btw.
Hurry as it's supposed to rain tomorrow and maybe over the weekend. I'd like to try out the magical anti-rain magic if I get the chance.



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Except for the external pocket flaps and the fabric on the interior side of the collar, which has a corduroy type look to it, the jacket is completely made out of ballistic nylon. So, no internal insulation. I wouldn't call it a shell, but I suppose you could use it for that. I haven't worn it in the rain either, but it's supposed to shed rain without a problem.


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Los Angeles, California
By "shell" I mean essentially one layer, or no lining. What you see inside is the back of the outside.
If it has more nylon, another inner layer inside, and maybe some padding or insulation in-between the two panels, then it's not a shell, in my view.

It still might be relatively thin, but then it's probably meant for warmer climates or to be used as part of a layered system, which is what I suspect. It's not really a proper coat. It's a water resistant outer layer that can be used by itself if one wants to or over a few inner layers.

That's my guess.
What do you think?


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Per your definition, it's more of a shell.

The material isn't exactly thin, but it's a single-layer lightweight jacket.

You could certainly layer underneath it, too. I usually am warm so I could wear something like this in 40 degree (F) weather and be fine.

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