Nick's Boots Robert 12E Brown Chxl

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by lpaine, Jun 13, 2021.

  1. lpaine

    lpaine New in Town

    Nick's Boots Robert, purchased in 2019. Size 12E. Brown Chromexcel. Perfectly broken in, and in great condition. I am normally a straight-up 12D, but they recommended a 12E, because I ordered the insoles with these. Their recommendation was right on.

    Asking $275, shipped in continental US

    Pics in reply, below.

    Thanks very much
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  2. lpaine

    lpaine New in Town

    56BFD051-4235-4DCE-916A-9EA90D144F6A.jpeg CA0EFEC1-D94D-4625-ABC0-CEA3354A5089.jpeg 6D3BF703-14DD-4DFA-91C0-128E6C254860.jpeg 4B29A4E5-DB48-46C7-AF9B-05B8C8631F6A.jpeg A7BBEF57-B7FB-4040-BFE3-6603D4CB8452.jpeg

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