Portis Fedora - Size 7

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Garrett, Apr 12, 2020.

  1. Garrett

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    Its not often that I sell a hat the same day it was received but the simple fact of the matter is 2 5/8" of brim is too much for my frame. So I'm passing it on here before listing on Ebay.

    I paid $217 and change including shipping and state tax to acquire this NOS piece.


    Asking $200 shipped anywhere in the CONUS or if you have something I might like in a vintage size 7 let me know - perhaps we might work out a trade.


    1950's Portis "Supreme Quality" in muted Cobalt blue

    Tagged size 7 and measures true to size at 22" circumference or 56cm

    2 5/8" Bound Edge

    5 " Crown (Bashed)

    Matching thin ribbon

    Clean inside and out

    IMG-0139 (1).jpg IMG-0133 (1).jpg IMG-0134 (1).jpg IMG-0135 (1).jpg IMG-0136 (1).jpg IMG-0137 (1).jpg unnamed.jpg
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  2. Scooterz

    Scooterz A-List Customer

    Beautiful hat.
  3. Garrett

    Garrett My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Indeed and I do wish the brim wasn't so wide but its too pristine an example to renovate. Hoping one of our size 7 brethren will adopt this beauty. Perhaps @steur or @jlee562 maybe even @alanfgag ;)
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