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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Cyber Lip, Dec 30, 2020.

  1. Cyber Lip

    Cyber Lip Practically Family

    Is one able to place an order for a Rainbow Country jacket through one of the Japanese shops? I seem to recall someone doing this once. Wanting one of their jackets but everyone is always 'sold out' of it in my size
  2. Blackadder

    Blackadder Call Me a Cab

    I think you can ask the shop to email you when they are ready for pre-order for the next season but I don't think you can get the shop to immediately order one jacket from RC. You can try writing to RC to see if they know any shop that have the jacket in your size available.
    If you want to search yourself, then
    Authorized Dealer:
    SOEN ( Chitose city in Hokkaido)
    REAL MOON (Yuzawa city in Akita & Sendai city in Miyagi)
    JOB314 (Kouriyama city in Fukushima)
    BANANAFISH (Sakata city in Yamagata)
    AVENUE (Niigata city in Niigata)
    RIGIDSTORE (Ushiku city in Ibaraki)
    MUSHMANS (Koshigaya city in Saitama)
    AMERIKAYA GENERAL GARDEN (Ueno city in Tokyo)
    THREE EIGHT (Setagaya city in Tokyo)
    JELADO (Ebisu city in Tokyo)
    P.X (Fujisawa Shonandai city in Kanagawa)
    BARN STORMER (Gotanba city in Shizuoka)
    MIRROR BALL (Anjo city in Aichi)
    PORKY'S (Kyoto city in Kyoto)
    McFly ( Kitahorie city in Osaka)
    MAGIC-U &CO (Chikushino city in Fukuoka)
    JACK RABBIT ( Kyotake city in Miyazaki)
    STANDARD WORK WEAR (Kumamoto city in Kumamoto)
    LET IT BE CLOTHING (Kumamoto city in Kumamoto)

    Mushman and Mirror Ball are major RC dealers who ship overseas. Americaya also has tons of stock but do not ship overseas so you need a proxy and have to pay the 10% Japanese sales tax.
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  3. jonesy86

    jonesy86 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Thanks for the info!
  4. Blackadder

    Blackadder Call Me a Cab

    Welcome. Oh I forgot Jelado also has RC.
  5. dudewuttheheck

    dudewuttheheck Call Me a Cab

    Of course, @Blackadder beat me to this and has more comprehensive information than I do. I will say that I am pretty sure you cannot do special orders with them. You would simply have to try to pre-order or check the stock from the stockists.

    Mushmans, Mirror Ball, Avenue, and McFly all ship overseas... I think a lot of the others do as well (not sure though)
  6. jonesy86

    jonesy86 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I wonder when they will start making larger sizes, say a 44 long, or a 46.
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  7. Colin G

    Colin G One Too Many

    As mentioned there is Jelado but also Jelado West (Clutch Cafe) in Osaka also sells Rainbow Country so two stores that can shift stock around. They have checked with RC on a jacket for me before so I am sure they would do it for you. Nice people over there.

    McFly is a pretty small shop and not a whole lot of inventory. It is about the size of a decent sized bedroom by N American standards.

    There is Junk-Vintage in Osaka also but they will have used. I was there and they had a great selection in size 40/42 in RC, Freewheelers, Real McCoy ect. https://www.junk-vintage.com/

    Yahoo auctions Japan/Buyee usually has a decent selection of RC stuff too. Check frequently.
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  8. jeo

    jeo Practically Family

    I ordered mine through Mushmans. At the time I reached out to them, all sizes were sold out. They told me that I can reserve one. I had to pay them in full and they were very clear that there are no refunds. I waited 6 months until I got the jacket.
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