Stetson Royal Deluxe Eagle hat, black, 7 3/8 long oval, fine condition

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    I'm looking to sell my black Royal Deluxe Stetson Eagle fedora, size 7 3/8 long oval, in very nice condition. The only smells are from the lavender and cedar shavings I have in its custom box. It has a nice bound edge, original liner and original eagle pin on the bow.

    This was my first foray into buying vintage hats. I purchased it to go to a spiffy Christmas dinner ball two seasons ago. Being black it was going to be my Sunday best hat but that idea has been replaced by a gray Cavanagh.

    I'm asking what I put into it, $30. I've read a few old posts on the lounge about the Eagle. This is vintage (as far as I can tell). There are no holes in the felt.

    Got a special place to go? This hat can take you there in style.

    Asking for payment through my Paypal account.

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