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    The Great Pacific Northwest

    Someone else - a contemporary of the strip, no less- saw Gray tacking in that direction too, huh? My guess is that he won't lay it on unions directly, but code it so that we'll all be in on the references.

    BTW...the LIU (which became the International Longshoreman Association) did have issues with mob ties. That was one of the reasons- along with a far more radical leadership- why west coast longshoremen in 1934 formed the International Longshore and Warehouse Union.

    What's interesting about the latter is that, in spite of such proletarian origins, as a result of reduced numbers and containerization, it's now a well paying occupation. An apprentice can easily pull down six figures. They opened applications a few years ago for about a dozen apprenticeships: over 35,000 applied. I jokingly remind my cousin, whose husband is a retired local official of that union, that it's a helluva lot easier now to get into Harvard or Yale Law Schools than that union.
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    Chicago, IL US
    A newspaper shed still stands outside the Chicago Board of Trade where the proprietor,
    soggy Dutch Masters cigar parked off an angle to the left jaw, woolen hat squared across brow,
    dispensed newspapers from around the globe, magazines-even British Mayfair-(wonderful English lasses),
    anything a Chicago trader, broker, executive, or University of Illinois-Chicago student desired as reading
    material. Like Playboy, I actually read Mayfair. "Hi Sam, just a London Times and Mayfair, please."
    "Kid, you old enough to handle Mayfair?" Sam's gone now. Six months ago, I stood at the corner of
    LaSalle Street, deserted because of the Vid, but I have an exceptioned federal job, so I was out and about
    during Illinois lockdown time. I looked at the old shed. And I could hear Sam's voice. "Whatahav kid?"
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    My sense from Mr. Chigger is that he's going to use Wilmer to further his own nefarious ends. In the Kingiverse, a man with a name like "Chigger" -- an irritating, biting insect -- is unlikely to be a good man.

    Of course, if he calls everybody else in and asks each of them the same questions, he may learn some interesting facts about Wilmer that may cause him to revise his plans.

    I've never known anyone to wear a rubber swimming cap in the shower like Burma does. She must have a mighty perm.

    My grandfather and aunt were both members of the L. I. U. during the war, unloading ships for the Jarka Corporation. If you do research on that particular firm, you soon learn that the organized-crime corruption on the docks wasn't confined to the labor side of the table.
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    Chicago, IL US
    Reading between the shower script; before our courtesan is caught by an inside consort curve strike,
    looks like small ball stuff rattle both sides in this budoir baseball game.

    Meanwhile back at the gulag, Terry is showing the boys a two-split fingers seam fast ball.

    To be continued.
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    Clipperton Island
    Maybe in 18 years he can understudy Tom Bosley on Broadway.
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    Homicide Squad detectives are probing the mysterious death of a man whose body was found this morning on a Brooklyn Heights sidewalk -- strangled to death by the ancient methods of the Thugee cult of India. A bank book and an alien registration card found on the body tentatively identified the victim as 45-year-old Albert Lalande, a citizen of Argentina, and an autopsy revealed the unusual method by which he was killed. Detectives at this hour are attempting to determine where the victim lived, with the Pacific Street address shown on the bank book and registration card proving to be false. Another slip of paper bearing the address 138 1/2 Court Street proved to be that of a restaurant where Lalande was not known, and it is suspected he may have intended to apply for a job at that establishment. Other papers found on his person suggested he had worked as a chef at a Bear Mountain restaurant until last October, and attempts will be made to pursue that lead. Detectives at this hour are combing rooming houses in South Brooklyn in an attempt to find anyone who knows Lalande.

    A 40-year-old Brooklyn detective shot himself to death this morning in a washroom in the General Courts Building in Manhattan while waiting to testify in a first-degree murder trial. Detective Cloutiere Divver was expected to be a key witness in the trial of two Manhattan men accused in a December 1939 holdup-murder, a case in which the defense is building its case around claims that police utilized "third degree methods" in the interrogation of the suspects. Detective Divver left the courtroom at approximately 10:45 AM after asking to be excused "to make a telephone call," but he did not return. His body was found at approximately 11:30 AM on the floor of a ground-floor washroom with a .45 bullet hole in his right temple. His service revolver, with one shot fired, was on the floor beside him.

    More than 3000 cheering CIO workers voted unanimously to accept a three-point strike settlement proposal and will return to work at the Bethlehem Steel plant in Lackawanna, New York. The vote brings an end to a strike which began on Wednesday. Under the terms of the agreement, all workers will return to their jobs with seniority intact, union representatives will sit down with company representatives in the immediate future for a full review of worker grievances, and a vote will be held within thirty days to certify the Steel Workers Organizing Committee as the official collective bargaining agent for the workers. Union regional organizing director Van Biitner praised the Bethlehem workers for winning "one of Labor's greatest victories in this country." Settlement of the dispute heads off a possible company-wide strike that would have shut down all of Bethlehem's plants.

    The commanding officer of Fort Totten in Bayside is critical of "subway soldiers," selectees from the metropolitan area who commute to the camp in the morning and then return home at night. Speaking before a meeting of the Long Island City Kiwanis Club, Lt. Colonel Harold E. Small claimed "these city men squawk like anything when they are ordered out on maneuvers or are transferred to another state. They feel they should be allowed to remain here because their homes are here. As soon as the day's training is over, they generally rush for home, and a lot of times they don't get back in time for the next day's drilling."

    The former King of Spain died this morning in the Rome hotel room that has been his home in exile for nearly a decade. King Alfonso XIII had suffered a series of heart attacks this month, from which he had not rallied. Italian Premier Benito Mussolini has sent his condolences to the family, as has Pope Pius XII.

    ("Hah!" says Joe. "I seen a lot woise t'ings'nnat comin' out t'subway." Sally stares at her mashed potatoes for a long moment, and finally looks up. "I'm late." "Whatchamean?" says Joe, riffling the paper to try and find the sports page. "Late fa' what? You sign up fa' t'at bowlin' league again?" "No," says Sally. "I'm late. LATE." Joe slowly lowers the paper. "Late?" he squeaks. "Late," says Sally. "I been tryin' ta tell ya!" "Oh." says Joe. "Oh! But I t'ought..." "Yeah," says Sally. "So did I.")

    Brooklyn_Eagle_Fri__Feb_28__1941_(1).jpg (Last chance before they chop these up for firewood...)

    (The Oscars weren't really that big an event until television made them a big event. There was no national Oscar radio broadcast, and newspaper coverage seldom made it off the entertainment page.)

    Three Brooklyn dentists have had their licenses to practice suspended for six months after the state Board of Regents found them guilty of soliciting customers thru a credit clothing store. Drs. Robert Rubenstein, Harry Cherry, and William Caplan were charged with distributing solicitation cards to their "Dentists' Credit Service" to customers of the Stewart Credit Corporation store at 293 Livingston Street.

    ("And besides, that toupee is ridiculous.")

    The father of comedian Jimmy Durante has died at his home in Ridgewood at the age of 92. Bartolomeo Durante was born in a small town near Naples, Italy, and came to the United States at the age of 18 to work as a laborer on the construction of the 2nd Avenue L in Manhattan. He later operated a barber shop on Catherine Street in Manhattan, where he became a favorite confidant of political, sporting and show-business figures.

    (There is no greater cross to bear than a "great potential.")

    Leland Stanford MacPhail is getting good and fed up with Mr. Gordon Phelps, buxom Dodger catcher who is terrified of planes and boats and positively refuses to show up at the Brooklyn training camp in Havana. Babe the Blimp has offered to train with the Montreal Royals in Miami, or any other Brooklyn minor league outpost in Florida, but Mr. MacPhail sent him a sternly worded cable today advising him that he can stay in the USA forever if he wants -- but he will do so entirely at his own expense, and he will receive not a penny of his Dodger pay until he is "in shape" -- and Mr. MacPhail warned that he himself will be the sole judge of exactly what "in shape" means. And while he was at it, Laughing Larry sent another cable advising the mysterious Angelo Guiliani that he "doesn't figure in the Dodger plans for 1941" and that he is free to make a deal for himself if he can. Mickey Owen still hasn't made his appearance either, leaving Herman Franks the only available catcher as the Dodgers make their spring debut today at La Nacional Stadium against the Giants.

    Brooklyn isn't the only club having backstop problems. Big Ernie Lombardi is holding out against the Reds this year, and says if Mr. Crosley doesn't want to give him more money, then he can sell or trade him to another team. The Schnoz has the Cincinnati front office over the proverbial barrel, and he knows it -- with backup Williard Hershberger dead, and late-season replacement Jimmy Wilson now managing the Cubs, the Reds have only an assortment of unproved minor-league catching talent on this year's roster.

    The Dodgers will offer their first radio broadcast of the spring tomorrow at 2:55. Red Barber will present the game between Brooklyn and the Giants at Havana by telegraphic recreation over WOR.

    (Where's a bank auditor when you need one?)

    Brooklyn_Eagle_Fri__Feb_28__1941_(7).jpg (Yep, I've lived in a building like this. Only it was a knife instead of a gun, and they got blood all over the third-floor stairs.)

    Brooklyn_Eagle_Fri__Feb_28__1941_(8).jpg (To be fair though, a woman born and raised in a town called "Cornville" is not likely to be particularly sympathetic to the mysterious ways of urban sophisticates. This "Pat" probably even sleeps on colored sheets.)

    Brooklyn_Eagle_Fri__Feb_28__1941_(9).jpg (And the worst part of it is, Wolf flew first-class.)
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    And in the Daily News...

    Daily_News_Fri__Feb_28__1941_.jpg Kidnapping the Horn & Hardart heir? What a dumb idea. Who wants to get paid off in nickels?

    What, no celebrities this week?

    While in America, the most skilled female impersonators are female.

    Daily_News_Fri__Feb_28__1941_(3).jpg "A hundred thousand?" Pikers.

    "Depool" = "Looped." Which is actually a pretty good description of anybody Tracy meets.

    Daily_News_Fri__Feb_28__1941_(5).jpg Hey, maybe it's Hu Shee! She got lost on her way to the prison camp.

    Being a Nazi with a fashy haircut is bad enough, but a Nazi with a fashy haircut who talks about himself in the third person is just too much.

    I can't wait till he gets to Horace. "They all pick on me because I whistle!"

    And from Shadow, that's something.

    Daily_News_Fri__Feb_28__1941_(9).jpg Moon is the kind of fellow who is always very overconfident despite having very little to be overconfident about.
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    New York City
    This cannot be a good development for the prosecution.

    Joe, that means you are going from two incomes and two mouths to one income (at least for awhile) and three mouths. Might want to see about opportunities for promotion at the pickle plant.

    I don't think I knew (or remembered) that Larry was short for Leland Stanford, which, I assume means he was related to the former Governor of California and Railroad Barron?

    We all know what is coming here and it's going to be good.

    Well now, who's left to look after Babs?

    "This is strange ma'am, but the ransom note doesn't ask for money, but a lifetime supply of H&H pies, 'coconut custard preferred'. We think we can work from this to identify the [phone rings, the detective picks up]...wait, what, him again? [hangs phone up]. Well ma'am, I think we'll have your son back soon as we are pretty sure we know who the kidnapper is. He's some stupid guy - harmless really - who lives in NYC and just wants free pie. He's so dumb that he signed the ransom note with, what we know are, his initials 'FF'."

    That won't be good for the Gumps as Hu Shee wouldn't put up with their crazy for long. She'd clean house of the lot of them quickly.
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    Chicago, IL US
    The Junker who refers to himself in the third person seems a rather sensitive soul.
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    Brooklyn is digging out from its worst snowstorm of the winter, a wind-whipped blizzard that swept the entire Eastern Seaboard, left at least 15 people dead, and dumped as much as 14 inches of snow on the region. Air, sea, and land transportation ground to a halt last night as the 24-hour storm blocked roads and airfields, and reduced sea visibility to zero. Although Brooklyn itself escaped with only about three inches of total snowfall, the gale-force winds built up knee-high drifts against buildings and in roads. The snowfall finally came to an end shortly after 8 this morning, but winds are expected to remain strong and temperatures cold well into this evening. The Sanitation Department reported a total of 7500 men, 618 emergency truck drivers, and nearly a thousand snow-removal vehicles were on duty all night attempting to clear city roads.

    A three-year-old Astoria boy was found wandering in the storm barefoot and in his pajamas early this morning by a police radio car. Patrolmen rescued the child, identified as Edward Helm of 30-62 32nd Street, and took him to the Astoria precinct, where he was wrapped in blankets and given warm milk. The child was able to give his name and address, and told police that his parents had "gone out for the night," leaving him in the care of his 11-year-old brother James Gallagher. The boy stated that he had gotten up to go to the bathroom, but became disoriented in the dark, wandered out of the house, and got lost in the storm.

    A second police detective has killed himself in as many days, with the body of 41-year-old Detective Rudolph C. Aicher of Jackson Heights found early today slumped in a chair in the Greenwich Street police station in Manhattan. His .38 service revolver, with one round fired, was found at his feet. Aicher, who was attached to the Grand Jury Squad serving the office of Manhattan District Attorney Thomas E. Dewey, left three notes -- one to his wife, one to his brother, and one designating that all of his possessions should go to his widow. Specific contents of the first two notes have not been revealed. The suicide follows Friday's death of Detective Cloutiere Divver of Brooklyn, who shot himself in a Manhattan courthouse washroom as he was preparing to testify in a murder trial.

    Three Puerto Rican men have been charged in the Thugee-style strangling murder of an Argentinian-born cook. 21-year-old Richard Ramos of 415 Pearl Street, 25-year-old Saturino Del Goda of 233 Atlantic Avenue, and 21 year old John Goda of 331 Hicks Street were booked for the crime at 7:15 this morning. Police say the killing, despite its mysterious overtones, was in fact just a "run of the mill mugging" that netted the suspects $20 and the victim's overcoat. The three were picked up last night after calling attention to themselves at an Atlantic Avenue bar and grill where they were "convivially spending their loot."

    The last surviving Jewish veteran of the Civil War received congratulations today from Governor Herbert H. Lehman on the occasion of his 95th birthday. Daniel Harris of 231 Woodbine Street in Bushwick is the last of an estimated 8000 Jewish soldiers to fight for the Union, having served as a member of the Union Navy. He enlisted at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1864 at the age of 17, advancing his age by two years in order to qualify for service. He saw war duty aboard the USS Saratoga and the USS Hartford, and was one of 5000 sailors to volunteer for infantry duty during Gen. Sherman's march thru Georgia. Mr. Harris's most treasured memory of his war service is the day, shortly after his enlistment, when he shook hands with President Lincoln. After the war, he returned to Brooklyn and spent his working life in the sugar industry. He is the Commander -- and now, sole surviving member -- of the Governeur K. Warren Post of the G. A. R.

    A negligence trial being tried last night in Brooklyn Supreme Court came to an abrupt halt when the court stenographer whipped out a pistol and shot the defense attorney -- because he devoted all his arguments to a discussion of the Dodgers rather than the facts of the case. But it was all for laughs -- as part of a sketch performed by members of the New York State Shorthand Association for the benefit of the Brooklyn Bar Association. Members of both associations dined before the show at Joe's Restaurant on Fulton Street, where there were no fireworks.

    The operator of a Lafayette Street print shop has begun a one-man crusade to keep the Fulton Street trolleys running, despite the efforts of the city to replace them with buses. Printer William Raedrich is circulating hundreds of flyers opposing the buses, printed on his own presses, and yesterday mailed a copy to every high official of the city government. The circular, entitled "Is Brooklyn In For Another Squeeze?," condemns the bus leases as a $3,300,000 boondoggle that could be avoided at less cost simply by installing new trolley poles to support the lines now suspended beneath the Fulton Street L -- a project he estimates as costing a little over half a million dollars.

    ("Annat's anutta t'ing," says Sally, with a sigh. "We on'y got t'ree rooms. How we gonna manage wit' on'y t'ree rooms? We're gonna hafta move, ya know." Joe just sits with his head in his hands. "Can't we, you know, put t' kid inna bedroom wit' us?" "Wit'tat Moiphy bed? Where d'we putta crib when t' bed is down? No, we gotta t'ink about movin'. We could move t'Flatbush, y'know, an' Ma could help out wit' t' baby an' all so I c'n go back ta woik whennits time..." "Flatbush," grumbles Joe. "Flatbush!" "Ma lives on'y six blocks f'm Ebbets Feel, ya know. An' she gottalotta extra room innat house, I'm jus' sayin....")

    ("If it wasn't for The Neighbors????" A Lichty vs. Clark throwdown? Let's go!)

    ("The POLO GROUNDS!?" screams the red-faced man in the office with the moosehead on the wall, as he sends the Kaiser's ashtray smashing thru the frosted glass of his door. "They won't play at that DIRTY SINKHOLE if I BURN IT DOWN! WHERE'S THAT LIGHTER! MACDONALD! GET IN HERE! GO BUY FIVE GALLONS OF GASOLINE! RIGHT NOW! WHERE'S MY LIGHTER! THE POLO GROUNDS!")

    (Bimilech? You're not three years old anymore, you know.)

    (There really is no joy like the joy of the year's first box score.)

    Chubby little Herman Franks, who really is just "some Joe with a bat in his hands," had the honor of poking the first Brooklyn home run of the spring when he popped a 370-foot fly ball over the temporary right field fence at La Nacional Stadium yesterday, pacing the Dodgers to a 4-3 win over Los Gigantes. Cookie Lavagetto contributed a long triple, and both Joe Medwick and Dolph Camilli contributed doubles, as the Giant pitching combine of Paul Dean, Bump Hadley, and Cliff Melton was in trouble thruout the game.

    The Dodgers and Giants clash again today in Havana, with Van Mungo and his rebuilt shoulder starting against Ducky Medwick's good friend Bob Bowman.

    The writer of "The Lone Ranger," radio's perennial cowboy, is visiting New York this week. Francis Striker Jr. has been scripting the Masked Man's adventures since 1933, from WXYZ in Detroit, and freely admits that he's never been west of Detroit in his life. Everything he knows of Western lore comes from books.

    Brooklyn_Eagle_Sat__Mar_1__1941_(5).jpg (Sparky clearly visited the same tailor who outfits Shadow Smart. Bet he even went for the spats.)

    Brooklyn_Eagle_Sat__Mar_1__1941_(6).jpg (After decades of being trolled by every single person he encounters, George finally gets to turn the tables.)

    Brooklyn_Eagle_Sat__Mar_1__1941_(7).jpg (Oh, it certainly will be.)

    Brooklyn_Eagle_Sat__Mar_1__1941_(8).jpg (FACE EATING DOG! FACE EATING DOG! And don't you DARE ask how he got on that plane.)
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    Boston, MA
    I'm assuming "Pat" will turn out to be "Patricia"
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    And in the Daily News...

    Daily_News_Sat__Mar_1__1941_.jpg Yes, THAT Vivian Vance.

    Daily_News_Sat__Mar_1__1941_(1).jpg And to take your mind off all that snow you gotta shovel, here's A GOOD DOG.

    I wonder if Carl Ed is sleeping nights?

    Daily_News_Sat__Mar_1__1941_(3).jpg I bet he has an entire wall covered by a gigantic illuminated map of the world.

    Daily_News_Sat__Mar_1__1941_(4).jpg "So THAT's why the price of No. 6 dry cells went up!"

    Better start saving your pennies, kid.

    Daily_News_Sat__Mar_1__1941_(6).jpg "My Hand Has Not Lost Its Skill!" Hey, that's the Schaefer Beer slogan, you IP-violating arrogant Nazi pig!

    Daily_News_Sat__Mar_1__1941_(7).jpg If you've ever wondered what happened to Andy's chin, Min knocked it off in 1918.

    A nugget of pointed social commentary is quickly buried under crude stereotyping. Stepin Fetchit built an entire career on this type of dichotomy.

    In all honesty, Lillums never used to be this obnoxious. Clearly she has unaddressed trauma from her experience with McClusky, and it might be interesting to explore that -- but as long as HAROLD IS A DOPE, I don't imagine we will.
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    New York City
    I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after the first clause.

    I'd bet, overall, this guy is right.


    Agreed, and that is when the fun really begins and it looks like it will be tomorrow.

    Thank you Lizzie, as that was THE QUESTION.

    Also, good story about the barge-captain's daughter.

    Nice to see that many people realize the value of the Lanas of the world.

    This is one of the funnier Gumps we've seen in a long time. That he ducked and avoided the book is perfect.

    Also, just noting, tech-nic-nee, the white dress really symbolizes something other than joy.
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    The Great Pacific Northwest

    And Lana snags her engagement ring first. Tough luck, Lillums. "Prior in time is prior in right," and "Possession imparts constructive notice," right, Brother Harp?
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    Chicago, IL US
    I believe Lana may lay valid claim to betrothal but her competitor seems more adversarial possessive.
    Sweet Lana please awaken and leave this fool.

    Kiel, the Walther automatic is readily available for your immediate personal use.
    One round in the temple, put yourself out of misery.

    Vivien Vance, always a siren.
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    Bulgaria has been occupied by Germany, the 11th sovereign nation to be overrun by the Nazi regime since 1938, and the fall of the Sofia government raises grave questions as to the future of Greece in her war with Italy, of Turkey's future in its alliance with Britain, and of Britain's attitude toward Bulgaria. The British minister to Sofia met last night with King Boris to advise the monarch that the arrival of German forces in the capital city means that Britain has no choice but to break off diplomatic relations, and that a declaration of war against Bulgaria by Britain is inevitable. The British government had previously declared that it would consider occupation of Bulgaria an act of war, and that it would bomb Bulgarian communications if German troops marched on the capital.

    Assembly minority leader Irwin Steingut stated today that he will ask Governor Lehman tomorrow for prompt executive approval of the Fulton Street bus-lease validation bill following final legislative action. The bill, now with bipartisan support, is expected to receive final legislative approval on Tuesday.

    With the muffled roar of a thirteen-gun salute, the outgoing commandant of the Brooklyn Navy Yard began his retirement after forty-six years of service. Rear Admiral Clark H. Woodward, accompanied by his wife, departed immediately for his home in Atlanta, Georgia following the official ceremonies to mark his departure. Admiral Woodward will be temporarily replaced as Yard Commandant by Captain Harold V. Mckittrick until the arrival of his permanent replacement, Rear Admiral Adolphus Andrews.

    The ex-wife of former Mayor James J. Walker told a divorce court in Key West, Florida that her health depends upon the end of her marriage. Mrs. Betty Walker told the court that Mr. Walker's return to public life in recent years has caused her much stress, and declared that if she wanted that sort of thing in her life she never would have given up her own career in show business. Mrs. Walker in seeking divorce requested that her former name of Betty Compton be restored by the court, and waived all alimony in favor of a property settlement already agreed to.

    The_Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(1).jpg ("$21 A Day Once A Month!")

    Radio listeners should be aware that as of March 29th, 630 of the 720 American radio stations will shift their position on the dial in keeping with requirements of the North American Regional Broadcasting Agreement. All stations above 740 kilocycles will be affected by the shift. In New York, WMCA will remain at 570, WEAF will remain at 660, and WOR at 710, but WJZ will shift from 760 to 770, WABC will shift from 860 to 880, WINS from 1180 to 1000, and WNEW from 1250 to 1130. Listeners with radio receivers equipped with push button tuning will find that this feature is no longer accurate unless the settings are changed before the deadline.

    The_Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(2).jpg ("Nif-Nif?")

    (I always feel sorry for whoever has to set the type for spring-training box scores.)

    Football Dodgers owner Dan Topping says it's all Larry MacPhail's fault that the Grid Flock will not be playing against the Eastern College All Stars this September. Topping says he had been given first crack at the popular college-pro contest, but because the Herald-Tribune, sponsors of the game, insist that it be played at the Polo Grounds, regardless of which local team furnishes the professional opposition, Larry MacPhail balked -- refusing to approve a 1941 football lease for Ebbets Field unless Topping guaranteed the All-Star game would be played in Brooklyn. Result -- the Football Giants will host the game instead.

    Bimilech finished out of the money in the $51,300 Widener Handicap race yesterday at Miami, with Big Pebble racing from eighth place to the lead to win the race, beating stablemate Get Off by half a length.

    In California, 50-1 shot Bay View startled bettors and surged to an upset win in the $100,000 Santa Anita Handicap, beating out favorite Mioland. The capacity crowd of 50,000 sat stunned before erupting in a tremendous cheer at the dramatic victory.

    (The latest Dollar A Year Man really doesn't need the dollar.)

    The_Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(5).jpg (Somebody worked really hard to put this feature together. I'd give a lot to see Mr. Fitzsimmons starring in a ballet.)

    The_Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(6).jpg (My respect for Mr. Ryder has just increased dramatically.)

    The_Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(7).jpg (As has my respect for Miss O'Neill. But where was she when Bob the Dog needed help?)

    The_Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(8).jpg (I think this is the first time our Alice has shown up in this feature, but somehow I doubt it'll be the last.)

    The_Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(9).jpg (One of these days Bill is going to work over Grandpa with a lead pipe. AND NOBODY WILL BLAME HIM. And
    "You do make a good cushion, Irwin?" Screw you, Dan.)

    (Mr. Tuthill has been listening to way too many radio soap operas.)
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    LizzieMaine Bartender

    And in the Daily News....

    Daily_News_Sun__Mar_2__1941_.jpg After Miss Browning gets done in Iowa, she's going after all the comic-strip characters who tolerate crap-shooting on their premises. Watch out, Pop Jenks!

    Daily_News_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(1).jpg Mask up!

    Daily_News_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(2).jpg Gawdawmighty. I think we can assume that Mr. Gould, a man of ample avoirdupois, recently had a very unsatisfying experience at a health club.

    Daily_News_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(3).jpg You chump.

    Daily_News_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(4).jpg You hate to disappoint a naive little kid, but I think that we can all agree that Uncle Bim is not, in fact, the smartest man in the world.

    Daily_News_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(5).jpg Mamie really does have a hard life.

    Daily_News_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(6).jpg Yeah, Jack has had this coming for a while now.

    Daily_News_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(7).jpg Serves you right, Shad -- that's hardly a proper riding costume.

    Daily_News_Sun__Mar_2__1941_(8).jpg Next week -- Judy starts her new job with Sheffield Farms.

    And the Sunday Annie is missing from today's News -- so here it is courtesy of our friends at the Out Of Town Newsstand --

    Hartford_Courant_Sun__Mar_2__1941_.jpg Ford only had Harry Bennett to make his enemies disappear. Punjab of course is possessed of all the mystic powers of the East, but if that's too much trouble, the Asp can just shank them.
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    Fading Fast

    New York City
    I assume Page Four will have more details.

    That's surprising and disappointing. Had expected more from Bimilech this year. It's still early though.

    Dan and Irwin have a "complex" relationship. They basically trash talk and troll each other all the time, but it seems to work for them.

    What, nothing about Jimmy Walker and his wife?

    Something's going on in his life as this strip has become macabre the past several weeks.

    I'd have fallen for it as it seems like something Burma would have done for him.

    Yes he did. Also, didn't seem like we missed a lot this week with only seeing Sunday's strip.

    I'm more upset that he wasted a perfectly good banana split.
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    The Great Pacific Northwest
    How does that goofy looking runt Shadow end up with a drop dead gorgeous rich girl?
  20. LizzieMaine

    LizzieMaine Bartender

    No doubt it's his suave, urbane William Powell-like personality. If William Powell was an opportunistic pint-sized hepcat.

    When I was little, Punjab used to absolutely terrify me. I wouldn't even look at the page if he was on it. Seeing him again today, I can understand why.
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