The Flat Head Selvedge jeans 31 slim taper

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by AerGuitar, Mar 23, 2021.

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    Offering these Flat head jeans that are a bit too snug for me. Tag size 31x36, but actual size is 32x32. I’m not sure on C1BA547C-467C-4038-A568-D3B86C225C05.jpeg CE90F2F6-06DD-4A42-82A4-F607C9751208.jpeg 1BF2202B-86FE-4988-83CD-25FC6AF6E8AB.jpeg 072FAC95-2E7A-4AF5-B0DA-90F22116FB76.jpeg the weight of these, but they were made for Self Edge and model number is SExFH05. These are a slim taper. Not quite a skinny. Thigh is about 9” across. I picked them up used for my asking price, wore them once and gave them a cold water soak in Woolite dark, then a rinse soak. Starting to fade really nicely!! Asking $80 shipped CONUS. 6005D477-F48C-42A2-8ED2-FB26CF4464CD.jpeg

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