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Vintage Knox Superfine Homburg, 7 1/2 Mint Condition.


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I am offering a for sale a very nice Vintage Knox Homburg. It's a Superfine, which as best I can tell was a medium line hat. The color is a steel gray on the dark side. The ribbon is deep lavender. The grosgrain edge is medium gray. The ribbon has a double bow in the back only. The sweatband and lining are original. The lining as you can see from the picture is sewn in. The sweat is medium brown, thin but quite soft. The Knox logo inside the liner is embroidered in red and gold (not printed), something I have only seen in few hats. The felt has a soft hand, but it is firm (like I think most old Homburgs were). As you can see, the size tag is 7 1/2. I measure it at 23 1/2" as well. However, its less than a perfect fit on my 71/2 long oval head, I think because the firm felt and that long oval don't quite agree. I am asking $95, but will accept a reasonable offer.

As for age, I think this is one is a little confusing. The brown cardboard size tag points to the 40s, as does the embroidered lining, the rayon and maybe the Superfine designation. On the other had, the clear plastic cap over the logo points toward the early 50s. Ultimately, your guess is as good as mine. The hat was sold to me as new old stock. I always have some doubts about that, but in any case it was and is in mint condition. No tears, rips, stains, moth or spider damage, and no apparent need for cleaning.

I really like this hat. I'm just not a Homburg guy. Again, asking $95, shipping and insurance extra. But I'll entertain any reasonable offer.

DSCN0817.jpg DSCN0823.jpg DSCN0818.jpg DSCN0824.jpg DSCN0821.jpg DSCN0825.jpg DSCN0826.jpg
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Seriously, people. This is a beautiful hat in a large size for a great price! I'm surprised this didn't go the first day you posted it.

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