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What's the smallest size vintage motorcycle (cross zip) you've seen? Does 32 exist?

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After deciding a 38 ICS Pakistan jacket was far too boxy, I did a good amount of research and decided I wanted to try an Excelled. I was thrilled to find a 34 and bought it for an expected price. Cleaned it really well.

I'm finding that it also is rather boxy. The arms and body length are similar to the 38, though it's a better fit around the waist. The back length is actually longer than the 38 (which I preferred the 38). P2P and shoulders seem good; I'm not sure if it's the arms belling out too much?

So I'm pretty bummed. I must be the most oddly shaped person alive (it's making me a bit self-conscious). I can't figure it out. I'm average height and slim/fit, but V-shaped (not skin and bones, but slightly underweight). My bone structure is narrow though (I checked a wrist size bell curve, and I'm at the extreme low percentile - maybe the lower 5%). Who knows?

I just want to know if there is anywhere else to look (or hope to) before giving up on this style. It's perplexing, because there are celebrities of old who wore them who are very slim, and/or some who are way less than average height, so they must have existed. Maybe they were customs?

Feeling a bit hopeless and out a significant amount of money set aside for this.

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Yes, they are out there. Don't give up.

As far as where to look, just scour Ebay.

Do you mind posting a fit pic of the Excelled? And also, how tall are you and how much do you weigh?

I'm 5'4" and weigh roughly 135-140 lbs and I can fit into smaller vintage motorcycle jackets. Last one I bought was from the 50's and it was a size 36 and it fits great. Even in my early twenties when I weighed 120 lbs I was able to find and fit into them but it took a lot of trial and error.


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I think the less standard body the less (real) vintage jackets. At least if you have demands for a certain fit.
That's why I have jackets and shirts made or altered to my liking.
If you don't absolutely have to have original vintage, I'd probably go to the usual suspects and get fitted or look for Japanese repros if your body is compatible.

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