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A Special Day, I would think...

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Trotsky, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Trotsky

    Trotsky A-List Customer

    ...Because on Thursday I wore my first bowtie to work!


    Took me an hour or so to learn how to tie it. Not the best color but hot damn, I got a little excited! Mind you this is at the end of the day, hence the slightly shell shocked look.
  2. A special day, indeed!

    Just learning HOW to tie one of those things is cause for celebration! Well done!! :eusa_clap
  3. Dagwood

    Dagwood Practically Family

    Well done. The bow tie looks great.

    Only an hour to learn!! I am very impressed...I think it took me about 3 days to learn. I would watch the YouTube video, run to the mirror, consult a book, run to the mirror, sleep on it, and then the entire cycle would start again.

    I really like wearing mine also. I note, however, that if the bow tie is too perfect, people ask me if it is a clip on. To avoid that, I deliberately tie it a little askew...

  4. A tip I give my clients ---

    When trying to teach oneself how to tie a bowtie properly, never, EVER practice around your neck, and NEVER practice in a mirror. It'll do nothing but frustrate you.

    Instead, practice around your right knee. It's roughly the size of your neck, and you can see what you're doing and, more importantly, what you're doing wrong.

    Once you work out the motions, the moves, and the habits of the bow, you can get it around your neck in no time!

    Great job on the bow -- is it a standard butterfly, or maybe a little more narrow? I can't tell from the pic, but it seems a little narrow.

    If so, with your size, proportionally, I would recommend either a standard 2 3/4 butterfly, or perhaps even a 2 1/4 bat. Just a personal thought.

    Cheers on the bow!
  5. Trotsky

    Trotsky A-List Customer

    Ironically that's exactly what I did, I practiced on my leg. I found that tying the tie without a mirror is also really helpful, I tend to do it tighter and when I am ready to adjust I have no problems.

    Thanks for the tip too, and I believe it is a butterfly. For $1 it was a pretty good deal!
  6. :eek: lol

    I'd say!
  7. MB5

    MB5 One of the Regulars

    Looks good!

    I tried my knee and the mirror and never had any luck. Now I just close my eyes and tie it and have great luck. It pretty much guarantees it will be a bit off kilter as well.lol
  8. skbellis

    skbellis One of the Regulars

    Nice Job!

    Looks sharp Trostsky! Hope the tie made a good impression.


  9. :eek: Should my leg be turning blue? ;)
  10. jake_fink

    jake_fink Call Me a Cab

    See, now aren't you glad you practiced on your leg? ;)
  11. Mid-fogey

    Mid-fogey Practically Family


    ...back on the old pre-Internet days that how I taught myself

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