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Advice on Hat Stands/hat protection?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by jsecunda, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. jsecunda

    jsecunda New in Town

    Hi folks:

    I just ordered an Akubra Federation and am now wondering how to store it when it's not in use. This is because I presently own a Brent Black Panama which has had to be reblocked due to poor storage (my fault-it's difficult to keep it out of peoples' way and even laying it down on a flat surface doesn't seem sufficient for it to keep its shape).

    On the hats.direct website, I see a hat stretcher, hat stand and other hat protection devices. Do you recommend any of these?

    Thanks again for your help,
  2. I can only tell you what I do, as others might have better answers. I've made three hat pegs which hang on my wall, with crescent shaped wooden ends. Imagine the crescent moon turned so the rounded edge is uppermost. This sits nicely in the curve at the back of hats.
    I've hung my hats on this when they're wet and they keep their shape. Long term storage I'd probably put them in a good hatbox with mothballs or cedar chips, but I'm always fiddling with them, so I keep them on the pegs.
    Any gathering of dust can be brushed off. I tend to brush them every few days anyway, as it's pleasurable :)

  3. I always return my hats to the hat box, since it has the cut out for the crown and helps it retain its shape.

    However I need another hat box for Dad's Borsalino.
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  5. Barry

    Barry Practically Family

    I needed extra closet space so I purchased two narrow wardrobes from Ikea. Since I am single and things could change within the next couple of years I didn't want to sink a lot of money into a super fancy armoire/wardrobe.

    Anyways, one of my warddrobes has about 6 shelves in it - each shelf can hold 2-3 fedoras or lots of my favorite caps (and folded clothing as well). The other wardrobe has a rack for some of my suits and jackets.

    I put a cedar scented Enoz mothbar up top and some cedar chips/blocks on each shelf. Hopefully that will keep the critters away. Had a problem with them a few years back with disasterous results.


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