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Borsa Traveler confusion

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Robert Conway, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Are there two versions of this hat?

    I have found the 'Borsalino Traveler', with the leather band
    and recently a 'Borsalino WB Traveler'.

    The WB appears to have a 3 inch brim and a satin band, instead of the leather.

    Has anyone ever seen the WB model in person? Are they the same except for the band and width of the brim?


    Any information would be appreciated.


  2. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    We carry both travellers in the narrow and wide brim . Both hats have a grosgrain sweat . One has a 2 1/4" brim , the other a wider 3" . I'd stick with the smaller one as the wider hat tends to get a little floppy after time .

  3. Thanks Steven.

    I'll probably give you a ring on Tuesday and perhaps you can help me decide between the Traveler and Astuccio.

    I'm a novice when it comes to hats, but would like to purchase one for an extended trip I will be going on. It will have to stand up to heat, rain and snow and must be rollable.

    Personally I prefer the more urban look of the Astuccio over something like the more rural looking Akubra or Traveler.



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