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Che -- The Hat Movie

Discussion in 'Hats' started by hatflick1, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. hatflick1

    hatflick1 Practically Family

    Che is a remarkable piece of film making.
    It is also a quintessential hat flick. I don't think any style of hat is missing except maybe a Jughead beanie.
    There's wool caps (see link), derbies, berets, cholos, Open Roads, fedoras, cowboy Stetsons, straws, army fatigue caps, Daisy Maes, and even what appears to be a yet unshaped fedora body where the front brim is turned up and the rest of the brim is down (and shown to be worn a size or two too large).
    If you have the patience for a five hour movie, check it out.

  2. When was part one released?
  3. hatflick1

    hatflick1 Practically Family

    I saw it yesterday at the Nuart Theater in LA. I have no idea how wide a release they're panning.

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