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Cheap Ladies Vintage for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Miss 1940's, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]
    This darling Vintage 1940's-1950's Jacket- Suit Coat is amazing. The Jacket is double Breasted, with Pockets, and 4 buttons peak lapel. It reminds me of a Navy Pea Coat. The material is Rayon Wool, and is lined in crepe.The Jacket needs a Good dry cleaning.It seems that there was some hemming done to the lining, so it might need to be re stitched.
    jacket is sold as is. With purchase you will Receive a free sample of Besame Lipstick, I will contact you upon purchase with color request.
    the measurements
    Width:30 inches flat across
    Shoulders:16 inches across
    Length:24 inches from shoulder to hem
    sleeves:20 inches from shoulder to cuff
    ***note** blouse and Necklace not for sale
    $25.00 plus 10.00 for shipping in USA
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    Vintage wool jacket from the 1950's -1960's with Two Pocket, 3 Button, Collared,Sloped shoulders with darts.This jacket would be great with a pair of pants, or a skirt; modern or vintage.. This Jacket needs a Good Dry Cleaning, but other then that, its in good shape.
    Measurements are
    18 inches flat across width.
    24 inches in Length from shoulders to hem
    15 inches across flat shoulders
    23 inches flat across sleeves.
    Blouse and Necklace not for sale.
    sold as is
    With Purchase you will receive a free sample of Besame Lipstick, Upon Purchase I will contact you with Color request.
    $25.00 PLUS 10.00 FOR SHIPPING IN USA
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    This darling Sheer Nightie Robe is so cute. I normally don't buy things that don't come in sets such as this!!! but I couldn't help it, the color is so amazing and Vibrant.The size is a small and is made of Nylon.It ties at the neck, and has caped butterfly sleeves that are trimmed in lace.
    the measurements are
    width is 20 inches across Flat
    length is 35 inches flat, from shoulder to hem
    16 inches across the shoulders.
    Just to note, the Garment that is under the Throw/Robe is not for sale. I paired them together for contrast in color. I'm selling the Throw by itself, though I am sure that you can pair it up with something cute.
    With this Purchase you will receive a sample of Besame Lipstick.Upon Purchase I will contact you with Color Request.
    $25.00 PLUS $8 FOR SHIPPING
  4. [​IMG]
    This darling Blue Velvet dress is to die for. The Lace trims and the details are too sweet.However, there is some Condition issues with this little Number.There is a Tare on the back,its in a "L" shape, and its about 2inches wide, and 1 and some odds long. This is something you can Patch up, and add backing too. There is also a Hole in the Arm Pit, and a tare on the sleeve. I think with these Problems you can patch it or back it. I also wanted to Point out that there is some seams that need re stitching. The Zipper was Replaced with a Horrible Plastic one, that Doesn't Zip right.Also there are a couple of odd buttons that don't match the rest, new buttons are Suggested, unless you want to keep it original,which in that case its not noticeable. I think this dress has a lot of Potential, and can be saved if the right person comes along.The measurements are Small, so please read everything before you Purchase.. and please remember all sales are final.
    Measurements are:
    Bust:13 inches Flat
    Waist:11-12 inches flat
    Shoulders:14 inches across
    Sleeves:12 inches from shoulder to hem
    Length:37 inches long.
    With this Purchase you will receive a free sample of Besame Lipstick...Message me for Details.

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