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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Mr. Lucky, May 7, 2010.

  1. I got my hands on a Dobbs Cross Country and have fallen in love! The pliable, thin, light felt is exactly what I've been looking for for a very long time. Now, is there a modern production hat that has the same type of personality and characteristics? Thanks.
  2. Mr E Train

    Mr E Train One Too Many

    When you say "got my hands on" do you mean that you actually own one, or that you just got to try it out? I'm guessing the latter, because if you owned one I don't see why you would need to find the modern equivalent. Plus, I know you have a gigantic cranium like mine, thus the need for a modern hat because of the difficulty in finding vintage ones. ;)
  3. Here's the story - A few months ago I won one on Ebay, but the ad was mislabeled and it was WAY too small. So, it sat. Then, last week, I started toying with it. I removed the crumbling sweat band, the narrow ribbon and, slowly and carefully, streeeeetttccheeed it out. Then I threw it on a block I had for a couple of days, reflanged the brim, added a new ribbon and - VOILA! - I had a Dobbs Cross Country on my noggin'. Now, there's still no sweat, but I don't really mind so much.

    Thing is, I'd love to get something comparable that I don't have to, well, torture!
  4. I have a Dobbs hankachif felt fedora I bought this past fall in an antique store and it is like nothing else around

    I will forever be keeping my eyes open for another hankachif felt. It's great and wears great, feels great

    As far as finding one new today ... better plan on a custom hat ... I can't imagine there is a production hat today using the level of felt in my hakachif

    Dobbs is great!


  5. Hey Lucky.. holler at Mike Moore. Get him to make you a Moorelite in a Cross Country style!
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  6. Here is a shot from last summer of me, Mike and Duck.
    I am wearing my 'Harvester' made by Mike.
    Pretty close to the Cross Country look I think.


    And here is the 'Memphis Blues' it is a Moorelite.

  7. zetwal

    zetwal I'll Lock Up

    RBH, What size are you? And what does your Moorelite weight please? :)
  8. Hey Zet.. I am a 7 1\2...And a total 2.7 ounces!
  9. zetwal

    zetwal I'll Lock Up

    That sounds great! ;)
  10. Rusty, great hats! Thanks for the clue in. I'll give him a holler!
  11. Lefty

    Lefty I'll Lock Up

    Aside from available colors, is the lightweight felt being used by the Major and Art the same stuff? If not, for anyone who might know, what's the differrence?

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