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Everyday hairstyles?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Naama, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Naama

    Naama Practically Family

    Hello girls!
    So, I'm one of those who does her hair daily (there are some exceptions, but rarely). But I heard, or as some people told me, that's not good for my hair. Is that true? I don't use setting lotion daily, nor hairspray or anything, but I have to brush my wet hair. So, is that true? And, are there some hairstyles which don't require curls or anything? (from the 30's) Any ideas?

  2. Irena

    Irena One of the Regulars

    I have been wondering the same thing, Naama. I want to do my hair daily, but I can't stand putting anything in it, even the lightest hairspray. For a while I've been twisting the sides back, but that gets old.


    This is NOT a good picture, but I'm horrible at descriptions.
  3. I also do my hair almost everyday, with few exceptions. You'll never meet a girl with such damaged hair as myself! I have recently been a blonde and almost made all of my hair turn into complete mush! But! My vintage styling gave me some opportunities to look great and be easy on my hair. It depends on your routine, but I usually have a set for two days, so I only wash my hair every other day, which is what is most recommended. Sometimes I go longer without washing in between, and I can use pretty heavy conditioners that would normally weigh my hair down too much to wear in a casual style (no pin curls). If you are worried about combing your hair too much while it is wet (which shouldn't be a problem if your hair is healthy and you go easy on it) you can just part it and comb it straight, let it airdry most the way and then set it, but like I said, unless you have hopelessly damaged hair, just take care and you won't get broken hairs. Before I bleached my hair I had natural curls better and I would let it air dry, and brush it out, it would have great 40's waves, now I'm stuck setting it.
    I think the only thing I would recommend is not washing it every day, but every other day. Wear your hair down after a fresh set, and up in rolls or a creative up-do the second day. You can go a third day if your hair doesn't get too icky and you should have such little damage you wouldn't notice.
    My hair is *very* sensitive to damage, so I notice that if I insist on blowdrying it, it gets so brittle, but I usually let my hair airdry and set it mostly dry.
    Blowdryers and curling irons I reserve mostly for emergency or special occasions.
    I hope this helps. I've had to deal with a lot of trouble with the damage my hair took when I just *had* to be a peroxide blonde, but with the help of some good conditioners, good hair protein reconstructors and the like, I can keep up the vintage look without skipping a beat!
  4. Naama

    Naama Practically Family

    I'm actually a peroxide blonde! A very light one, almost platinum, naturally dark brown..... So, I guess I don't have to say more(?) But somehow my hair can take a lot and doesn't look all THAT bad [huh]

    I wonder, when I go to sleep with my hair curled and weak up I look pretty much like Courtney Love in her crunch phase..... And if I brush it, the curls will go out completely! I also tried to wear a hairnet overnight, but that just flattened my hair, it looked awfull :( What do you do overnigt??

  5. i tend to do my hair daily. Well, that's not exactly right as i sometimes set my hair and then simply "fix" it the next day or two. By fixing i mean that i smooth the fly aways and re-pin where needed.

    i use a curling iron most of the time to set my hair and the heat has a tendency to fade my hair faster than where i not to apply heat. Other than that, my hair is quite healthy. Granted, i know that my hair can take an absolute beating, and has numerous times in the past. But currently, it is very healthy with only a normal amount of daily breakage and no split ends to be found.

    i should note that i tend toward "healthier" hair products, particularly in regards to hairspray. i love Aveda Air Control. Maybe that has something to do with the current health of my hair.
  6. I'm also an every-day-doer, and I think the one thing that really offsets whatever damage styling products might cause for me is that I avoid blowdryers and hot irons as much as possible. My hair fries really easily, so I wash every other evening (or sometimes every third evening, depending on how the set is holding up), sit around with it in a towel for half an hour or so, and then do my pincurls. The only heat I'll use on it is if I have to do a set in a hurry, then I'll use my bonnet dryer -- it takes longer than a blow dryer, but it's much gentler on the hair.

    Another good trick if you're prone to dry hair is to use a humectant conditioner -- doesn't have to be a fancy one, I use supermarket stuff -- but it'll really help restore lost moisture.

    For what it's worth, my hairdresser says my hair's a lot healthier than it has any right to be, given my age and what I do to it. So there y'go....
  7. Tourbillion

    Tourbillion Practically Family

    I had to stop doing anything to my hair every day, it is completely thrashed.

    Here's what not to do:

    wash hair daily
    blow dry
    curling iron

    I am trying to grow my hair very long, and the ends are now straw, and I don't even dye my hair. I recommend Aveda brilliant humectant or their brilliant retexturing gel if you can't take that much grease. I now use a little bit of jojoba oil in my ends, it helps. Use a wide toothed comb to brush your hair when it is wet. Only use a soft brush when it is dry.

    I have a small collection of pre-1950 California yearbooks. In the ones from the 1930's no one has hair longer than their shoulders. So, they could curl it every day and just keep hacking off the thrashed bits.

    Just about everyone curled or waved their hair. There are a few exceptions, like the occasional shingle, updo, or slicked back hair.

    Can you wear your hair with a little finger wave with the Aveda gel? That shouldn't damage it too much. How about a nice straight 20's bob?
  8. artdecodame

    artdecodame One of the Regulars

    I like to do mine in an early 30's kind of way everyday, but when I don't have time to use a curling iron in the morning, I'll set it at night when it's wet so it does a kind of late-30's thing. You can use small foam rollers or just roll the hair under with bobby pins, and then (if you have long-ish "bangs" like me) put those in pin curls. It comes out looking rather like the first photo on the left (or slightly different depending on your hair length):

    Or Jean Arthur's in "You Can't Take It with You", which I cannot find a decent photo of at the moment!
  9. mysterygal

    mysterygal Call Me a Cab

    For me, curling my hair with an iron does the most amount of damage. I don't always curl my hair, but I would do daily too, it also depends on how well your hair curls, with mine, I only need to leave my curlers in for about 2 hours, and I've got a great head of curls. Oh, and ditto on not washing your hair daily....especially if damaged!
  10. As I said in the Alternative Setting lotions thread:

    I also find there is less damage to my hair when I use Lotta Body combined with sponge rollers. These come in 3 sizes, are comfy to sleep in and are really cheap (K-Mart, Target etc). The metal pin curlers and clips tend to damage my hair more. I'm sure the ladies of the day would have loved them. Pin curls still make the best sets though.
  11. I style my hair daily as well. I wash it every 2-3 days, and set it every evening. In the mornings, I will touch up any unruly sections with my Hot Sticks, and either roll it, pile it atop my head, or on occasion, wear it down a la Veronica Lake.

    I’ve never had any trouble with damage, either, and I use setting lotion (sometimes a 50/50 mix of mousse and gel), pomade on occasion (for touching up flyaways), and a strong hold hair spray (this is a must to keep the curls in place, especially during the summer and when I go out dancing) just about every day. The only thing I don't use on a regular basis is a blow dryer, but that is because it takes forever to dry my thick hair, and so I always wash it at night.
  12. katiemakeup

    katiemakeup Practically Family

    Irena, I think that picture is lovely! I'll have to try that!!

    My hair is long and black, coupled with living in LA= HOT. I most always wear it up in a pony or a chignon.
  13. Goldfish

    Goldfish A-List Customer

    Is there any alternative to achieve curls that are usally made with a curling iron/hot rollers? There are some styles in the Vintage Hairstyling book that require those tools to achieve very defined curls. I guess they are special occasion styles at most then, at least for me, the only rollers I would like to use on my hair are soft&steam rollers.

    Here are two styles from the book where a curling iron was used.


  14. Tatum

    Tatum Practically Family

    Goldfish, I am not a fan of heat, and I imagine that you can do all the styles in Lauren's book using a wet or cold set (I have tried a lot of them). In my experience you can usually get better defined curls with a wet set. Just set your hair in barrel curls or pillow rollers in the same pattern she calls her "basic" set. For the second style (is that in the first edition? I don't recall seeing it, and I have the second edition), you might want to set your curlers low, as it looks like the crown is pretty straight and flat. Maybe use rag rollers for that one.

    I have been meaning to try that first hairstyle but haven't gotten around to it! It intimidates me for some reason :)
  15. Goldfish

    Goldfish A-List Customer

    Yes there are a lot of styles that require a basic set and I already guessed you can do them with steam, soft or sponge rollers but for the curls framing the face a curling iron or hot rollers are used in a lot of cases. For example the curls shown in the second style I posted (it's called *The Vixen* and is the first finished style in the 2nd edition book) were all made with a curling iron and the first pic I posted shows a style where the curls on top of the head were made with heat styling too, while a basic set was used for the rest of hair.
    I was thinking if there was a better, heat-free way to achieving the kind of curls she makes with heat styling tools she would have done that, but that might not be true I guess? How would you try to achieve the curls in the first picture? Wet set pin curls???
  16. I usually try to do a wet set with pincurls and wash my hair every other day as it is poker straight and very fine, with a fringe, although i can wash my fringe and get an extra day out of the set usually if i wear it up. I only blowdry my fringe normally and i must say my hair condition is much better for it. Last night however i was tired and grumpy and couldn't be bothered basically to wash my hair so i did wash it this morning and blowdry it, then set it on some sponge rollers halfway down my head, sprayed it with some neat setting lotion and left it to dry for a couple of hours, then a quick blast with the hairdryer and the result was quite nice wavy curls which have lasted most of the day, although i did use alot of hairspray as it is quite windy. I have to say the advice from the other ladies about getting a decent haircut has been invaluable as my hair before would not have held a curl at all styled like this before.
  17. It sounds like your hair is very much like mine Miss Sofia - can I ask if you have layers in your hair? I don't have any bar a few around the front. I'm trying to get into the whole doing my hair thing every day but when your hair is as straight as mine it's like fighting a losing battle! Also can I ask what setting lotion do you use? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!
  18. if you have naturally curly hair, i would say go with the 'no shampoo' washing and only wet set. also DON'T brush out. since i have been doing this, my hair is in much much better condition. i have very dry hair and wash weekly, use minimal product and heat etc. i do brush out, but i tend to find that after day 1 brush out, i don't need to bother, it doesn't stay in the waves anyway.

    and if your hair is straight.....ignore my advice and follow others! lol
  19. I have just had it cut, similar to a long middy, with the back rounded and layers framing my face, my hair at it's longest is about 3inches past my shoulders. My hairdresser didn't recomend going too short as i have a strong jawline, so i look better with some longer layers round my jawline. I wash it, comb a little mousse through it, then i do two rows of pincurls, with the bottom row starting at my earlobes and then working round if that makes sense, then i spritz with Lottabody setting lotion i decant into a spray bottle, scarf on, then go to bed. I do brush my pincurls out in the morning with my fingers, but not too much as they drop so quickly. Then pin up the sides or put a hairband or scarf in. But i was pleased with this mornings set, seeing as it did wash it and just used sponge rollers, although if i had used hot rollers it probably would have lasted longer, but mine are on the blink. I quite like my hair not looking too 'done' sometimes, just a bit wavy, good job too. x
  20. Thanks Miss Sofia - lots of good tips there! It's so hard to style fine hair - I usually find the second I head outside that my lovely curls just fall flat. I'm the same as you - I don't want my hair to look "too done" just with a bit of bounce and nice soft curls. Well I'll give the pin curls a go again - hopefully I will be quicker doing them with more practice (and hopefully this time they'll hold!)! :)

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