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Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Spitfire, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Well, my mom did want to name me Jefferson Davis

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  2. FedOregon

    FedOregon I'll Lock Up

    My great grandfather was Powell Jefferson Davis Segler. Ah, he was from the south... hehehe. :)
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  3. The President of the last company I worked for was named William Robert E. Lee Preston. He was from Missouri and had the southern accent to back up his name. He could be difficult to deal with, but ultimately was one of the most fair people I've ever known. R.I.P. Bill.
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  4. carouselvic

    carouselvic My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Take your girls hunting instead of hunting your girls.


  5. Lily's second grade school photo. Look at her jack-o-lantern smile! 23117033_10155325343419234_618623669793256163_o-1.jpg
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  6. AmateisGal

    AmateisGal I'll Lock Up

    Excited that my brother and sister-in-law are expecting Baby #2 next summer! My little brother kind of got a late start on things (nothing wrong with that) as my oldest niece got married this summer. But I love babies!!! (as long as I can give them back to their parents after awhile. Ha! I've done the baby thing and once was enough!).
  7. Who's that creep?

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  8. Bugguy

    Bugguy One of the Regulars

    My daughter the weaver, who was the only American to be invited through an international competition to weave an item with Welsh wool for HRH's Cambrian Mountains Wool Design Challenge in Wales. I was one super proud dad! This was about a year ago and in my humble opinion, much more of a prestige opportunity than meeting a US President. This guy's royalty!

    11709585_10100541556134488_1312252129818786857_n.jpg WoolChallenge-14.jpg WoolChallenge-6.jpg
  9. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

  10. The boy and his 50s era Royal Stetson[​IMG][​IMG]

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  11. Awww! I can’t. So cute!
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  12. Desert dog

    Desert dog One Too Many

    Looks like he is peeing on the Christmas tree!

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  13. Haha! :D

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  14. Nope. Just goofing around :)

  15. Best Christmas tree ever. Pales in comparison to the girl though :)

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  16. And a hearty "Amen!" was heard from the choir.
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  17. You heard it too?

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  18. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

    I wish you all so happy, cozy christmas-days.

    Maybe, after the first listening, all your kids will like to hear that 250 times. :D
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  19. Cocker

    Cocker Practically Family

    First walk in the snow for Marion! It was all fun until she slip and fell a couple times, then she wanted to be carried BUT didn't wanted to go home... Aaaah, kids!!


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