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Finally got to wear bespoke suit

Discussion in 'Suits' started by silhouette53, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. silhouette53

    silhouette53 One of the Regulars

    My daughter was married on 2nd March and I wore a suit which I had made in 2006 for the FIRST time.
    Don't ask me why I never wore it till now !!! Maybe I was waiting for the right event and this was it I guess


  2. Verrrrry nice. All the best to the happy couple.
  3. I do believe you are the best accessory she could have wanted for her great day. That's one fine suit, sir!
  4. You all look smashing. Congratulations to you all!! :eusa_clap
  5. silhouette53

    silhouette53 One of the Regulars

    Thank you guys very much for your comments, much appreciated !! As I said, i had that suit made in 2006 by an excellent tailors here in Birmingham called Rosen & Nathan - I had decided to begin dressing more smartly and conservatively after happening upon this great website we all enjoy so much. I went on to have them make me a double breasted blue blazer which is superb ( pics to follow) in 2008 but it has hung in my wardrobe since then!! My intention to dress 'properly' fell by the wayside and I returned to jeans, teeshirts and casual jkts. However, as the big 60 approaches this year, my intentions are renewed and I've just bought a supply of shirts and ties from T M Lewin and going to aquire a couple of SB suits and some Churchs ' Chetwynd' brogues in black and brown , plus a decent tweed sports jacket.
  6. MarkJohn

    MarkJohn One of the Regulars

    You look very sharp indeed, and your daughter very elegant... son-in-law could do with a haircut though ;) :D - just kidding, you all look great, and I hope they have a happy marriage.

    Keep-up the smart dress, even if it means a little more effort; it all too easy to dress sloppy, as it can be more comfortable and less stressful, esp. with kids (mud, food etc :eeek:) I'm trying to make the effort myself, ditching my old wardrobe, and investing in some finer pieces... I've even started changing what I wear during the day, depending on what I'm doing (got to be smart for the school-run:cool:), something I never did before.
  7. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    On building a wardrobe: Buy grey flannel trousers. They go with most sportcoats and they are not as dressy as a pinstripe suit so you will wear them more often. They will also be great with the blue blazer.
  8. silhouette53

    silhouette53 One of the Regulars

    Thank you all for comments / advice, I'm very grateful so keep it coming. On the subject of suits, I was dismayed (not really surprised) to learn that most 'off the peg' suits available in UK, even quite high end ones from well known brands, are made offshore in places like North Africa, Indonesia and of course China. The tags/ labelling often proudly proclaim that the cloth is all wool, made on looms here in UK. All a question of economics and labour costs etc I guess, but very sad nonetheless.
  9. Asienizen

    Asienizen One of the Regulars

    I like the suit, I used to have one like that in dark blue, you've inspired me to look into getting another one made.
    As far as my life, getting inexpensive suits made in the far east has been great - because I live there. But many tailors don't understand the wherefore of a suit's construction, following a copy of someone else's work with no understanding of the purpose. So I have to be very careful that I keep track of the suit's progress, leaving nothing to chance. I'd get a bespoke suit made in the UK, if only I could afford it.
  10. reetpleat

    reetpleat Call Me a Cab

    I wouldn't get too caught up in that. A skilled tailor is the same where ever you are, and a sweatshop is as well. I don't know so much aabout English class structure, or tailoring. But, a well made suit is a well made suit, and a poorly made one is a poorly made one, no matter where. So, if you like the quality, don't worry about where it was made. And if you don't, take your money elsewhere.

    Now, if you want to complain about manufacturing in general, I am all ears.
  11. This suit looks superb! I hope mine turns out at least as good looking... Congratulations to your daughter!
  12. silhouette53

    silhouette53 One of the Regulars

    Thank you for your kind words, I hope your suit is everything you hope it will be too !

    And for anyone visiting Birmingham . . . . .


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