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For Sale: Trashy Diva Asian dress

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by retrogirl1941, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. I am selling a Trashy diva Asian Dress. I bought it only to find it is not my style at all. So you ladies get a stab for it.
    It is a size large and it fits to a the letter.Here is the trashy diva size chart:
    And here is the description on the website for the dress:
    I paid $88 for the dress I am going to give you a bargain and sell it for $50 plus shipping. Thanks!

  2. May I ask how it isn't your style? I like the dress, but being busty, I find scoop or V necks look best on me, not high necks like this or turtlenecks. But it sure is a pretty dress...
  3. I wear alot of house dresses and everyday stuff and this did'nt look me. If that makes any sense!

  4. That makes sense. I very very rarely wear makeup, so when I do I think I look like a... well, not like myself, though it's only as much as other women wear every day. :)

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