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Forgotten Advertising Characters of the Era

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by LizzieMaine, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Looking at this ad made me yawn. Twice. o_O
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  2. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain Call Me a Cab

    I thought he appeared in ads for Kelly Springfield tires. "When it's time to retire."
  3. Nope, Kelly was "Miss Lotta Miles." The Fisk Boy was still getting occasional use into the 60s, but Fisk was absorbed into Uniroyal, and they finally put him to bed.
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  4. A cross post from the historic train thread. NYC ran a line of historic subway cars today and there was vintage advertising on them as well. Knowing Lizzie's a fan of Uneeda biscuits, I took this pic for her (there are a bunch more subway pics from today over in the historic train thread):

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  5. Spectacular! And we could say that "car cards" of the type that fit into those runners at the top of the car are another vintage thing that has disappeared in our lifetime.
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  6. Took it just for you.

    Check out the other pics over in the train thread - I think you'll like them.

    Also, oddly, NYC still has those car cards and runners, but I could see them loosing out to digital screens in the future. Today, even with screen prices plummeting, it is probably still cheaper to do cards than the large number of screens they'd need in each car.

    Lizzie, any idea how I can post the 44 MB video I took of the train (it's 22 seconds long) as the limit is 19.6, but it looks like people have much longer videos posted?
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  7. I think if you posted it to You Tube and then linked to it from there it ought to work.

    It's been a while since i rode the NYC subway, but the cars I've ridden lately in Boston don't use those kind of cards anymore. They do have frames on the wall for postery things, but that's not the same as a real car card. I once had the idea of putting up tracks on my office ceiling and running cards around it, but never got around to doing it...
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  8. Thanks re YouTube. That's a cool idea for your office - I assume, like everything, the cards are "collectables" today and probably not cheap?
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  9. Yeah, that's what caused me to abandon the idea -- I do have a few that I've found as backers for old picture frames, which seemed to be a pretty common fate for old advertising posters during the Depression.
  10. FountainPenGirl

    FountainPenGirl One of the Regulars

    I just scanned through this thread and I didn't notice anyone mention one of my favorite characters, The Hamm's Bear. Here in the Midwest Hamm's is still available and regaining a foot hold on it's popularity. I drink a large quantity of the stuff along with my other favorite, Grain Belt also quite popular again.
  11. 3fingers

    3fingers Practically Family

    I loved the Hamms bear. The old TV commercials were great.
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  12. Haversack

    Haversack Practically Family

    Hamm's used to be popular out here in Northern California too. The Hamm's brewery Bryant Street in San Francisco had an iconic animated sign that overlooked the freeway and Seals Stadium. A gigantic goblet that filled and overflowed again and again.

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