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Frye Harness Boots - What color should I buy?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by VictorShadow, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. VictorShadow

    VictorShadow Familiar Face

    Howdy All,

    I'm want to buy the Frye Harness 12R boots. I'm a guy in my 30s that rides a vintage motorcycle. I'm into the 1940s motorcycle gang look: boots, cuffed jeans, tight shirts, scruff, tattoos. (your basic hipster)

    I'm having trouble deciding on the color. I'm looking at black, and brown. I'm asking people to post photos of their harness boots so I can see how the leather breaks in and looks after some wear. I'm also curious what clothing people wear with their harness boots.

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  2. Heiko

    Heiko Familiar Face

    A deep brown is a versatile colour. With a suit I prefer varying shades of brown and with jeans I almost always wear brown.
  3. jimmer_5

    jimmer_5 A-List Customer

    I have an old pair of Frye Belted Harness boots. I ended up cutting off the harnesses, and they are on their second sole, but they have been a nice pair of boots for the money. Shop around - I would hope to pay under $200 for these. They are made in the USA (unlike some of the Frye boots these days) and use real stacked leather heels. I have looked at a few made in Mexico Frye boots, and wasn't impressed, so check the country of origin when looking at Fryes. I think the USA made pieces are better quality.
  4. Given this, then any color as long as it is black....When in my mid-30's I rode a restored Triumph. Modern helmets, boots & jackets just didn't look right. I went old school skid lid & black leather cafe-racer which meant black boots...
  5. If you wanted engineers to match your look I would say black, but I believe the Frye harness boot looks better in the standard dark brown. Had both colors but sold the black pair. The dark brown is more versatile on other days when not riding.
  6. Doublegun

    Doublegun Practically Family

    I believe this is the pair that I own http://www.thefryecompany.com/mens-boots/view-all/87350-1/harness-12r-wide They have an oily finish and look almost black when freshly oiled. Damn tough boots BUT I am not overly impressed with the quality of the internal construction. Personally, I probably wouldn't buy Frye again. There are better made boots but they often come at a higher price.
  7. I totally agree! Frye are nice for the money and the deals, but they are not Wesco's or Whites Nomads or Vibergs or the price! We could take this thread elsewhere but it has already been.
  8. VictorShadow

    VictorShadow Familiar Face

    Thanks for your advice everyone. I still haven't made up my mind about the color. I would love to see photos if anyone want to post them.
  9. VictorShadow

    VictorShadow Familiar Face

    does the black leather age differently than the brown?
  10. I have never noticed a difference. They both age well. One thought is to check Ebay. A nice Frye harness boot from Zappos is $278, Wesco will be twice that from BBB. These boots appear slightly worn on Ebay and can be picked up a lot cheaper. These boots are popular on Ebay so you have to be quick but you can get a good buy and then decide if later to buy new.. My first "fancy boots" were Frye years ago and they are good for their price range, wore well, and and I loved them.
  11. Corky

    Corky A-List Customer

    Get a light colored boot, wear them for a while and then stain them to a darker shade.

    Frye boots used to come in a number of lighter shades than they currently offer. The technique is to get a lighter shade that you feel comfortable with, then after the boot has been broken in, maybe after a winter of trudging through the snow, when the boot starts to show some surface wear and tear, when the epidermis is showing through, you'll know when to go to the next step. Then you get a bottle of Fiebling's Antique Leather Stain (I suggest Medium Brown) or some plain old brown or cordovan paste shoe polish and put a coat on the boots. Then wipe it off leaving a thin coat overall and a darker coat will remain on the scuffs and in the cracks and crevasses.

    After this process, your Frye boots will have a unique deeply grained, two-tone look.

    And, best of all, your buddies who are stuck with dull monochromatic black or mud-colored brown boots will eat their hearts out with jealousy.
  12. VictorShadow

    VictorShadow Familiar Face

    It seems like the Gaucho color is the lightest color that Frye offers in the Harness Boots. I like the idea of wearing them for a season and then staining them a darker color. Thanks for the tip.

    It seems that some Frye boots are made in Mexico and some in the USA. Does anyone know how I can get more info on where I can get the better quality USA boots?
  13. Victor what brand are you interested? If Wesco or Whites go to their website for information, but you should order from a private dealer like Big Black Boots or Stompers for Wescos or Bakers for the Whites. The boots are cheaper and you will get good service. Whites Nomads are on sale for 399.00 at Bakers. I loved Fryes and wore them all through college, but they are not the boot of a Wesco or Whites ( and the price ). They are heavy and will go forever. Frye is a nice boot for the money and you will like them. Can't tell you about Loffgren or Mr. Freedom because I am a size 13. I have some size 12 basic brown Frye harness I thought I could wear but too small that I will put up for sale soon. Good luck! ( I just realized that was not your question DUH! ). I believe that all of their engineers are made in the USA, only some of their standard ( vintage ) harness boots are not made here. I guess you will need to look at the label if interested in the harness boots.
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