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Hat case with self-made cardboard insert...

Discussion in 'Hats' started by PabloElFlamenco, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Yesterday in the Open Road thread, I mentioned I'd made a cardboard (hat-stabilizing) insert for the American Tourister (fiberglass and ally?) train case I won on eBay, and promised Carter some pictures.

    Here's they are:




    The hat is kept centered in the case by a horizontal cardboard insert, with an oval hole. I cut the originally square board into a round shape, and "consolidated" the edges with (black) duck tape. The contraption is geared for performance, not so much looks...it keeps the hat (rim) from knocking about in the case.

    In this hole, fits a cylindrical support tube, in which the hat rests. Moreover, I used the "inside cylindrical form" additionally supplied by "The Hattery", suppliers of the famous Akubra I recently received for Christmas.

    I have "restored" (reconstructed is a more appropriate word) an old oval Stetson box which was falling apart. Again, duck tape. Whilst it is functional, it's far from perfect: when adding layers of paper, tape etc. the internal and external diameters change ever so little, making it very difficult to remove the lid or put it back on.

    I would like to restore my Stetson 100 cardboard case. This will require study and careful consideration, as this box needs to remain as "original" as possible. I have learned it is not an easy thing to restore boxes!

  2. Carlisle Blues

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    Totally cool:cool2:
  3. carter

    carter I'll Lock Up

    Paul, Thanks for posting some pictures. That worked out very well. Great use for an old train case.

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