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Help on Suit/Shirt/Tie Combo

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by MisterGrey, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. MisterGrey

    MisterGrey Practically Family

    My wife is graduating with her BA next month and I'm trying to put my outfit together for the ceremony. I've already decided on my brown glen plaid suit but am having difficulty deciding on what shirt and tie combo to wear. I'd like to wear one of two contrast collar shirts-- one ice blue, the other a pastel pink-- but am not at all sure about what tie. I'd rather not wear a solid. Any suggestions?
  2. Mr Vim

    Mr Vim One Too Many

    I say that if you're going with a blue shirt then any red tie would look nice, but a picture of the suit would really help out. Glen Plaid has a lot going on for it, and you don't want your outfit to seem to busy. Plus what sort of ties are available to you?
  3. Brown suit?

    Blue shirt.

    Yellow tie. Or dark blue.

    But yes...photos help.

    Also, what kind of suit? Threepiece? Twopiece?
  4. MisterGrey

    MisterGrey Practically Family

    Here are some pics of the suit. I picked it up on the 'bay recently so these are just some auction pics; the suit itself is currently having a hole in the lining fixed (the reason I was able to get it for what I got it). It's just a hair darker than what it looks like in the pictures:



    My concerns about color are secondary to what kind of pattern(s) I could mix and not look ostentatious.

    In terms of ties:

    I have a few striped ties (a vintage, skinny gray and red; blue and navy blue; peach, pink, and sky blue; an 80s-does-60s turquoise, magenta, and gold; a brown, beige, and charcoal), some plaid (a dominantly red with yellow, white and blue; a black, gray, and white; a skinny '00s-does-60s of various shades of dark green and white; a blue, green, and white bow tie); a red and blue paisley; a sort of deco-ish dark green and yellow patterned; a similar one albeit nominally different shades of purple with some subtle gray; and then the aforementioned solids (a sky blue, a banana yellow, a fire-engine red).


    Forgot that I also have a red with white polka dots and a periwinkle with white polka dots; and though I don't own them I have access to a few assorted bow ties, both polka dotted and plaid, of varying colors/shades.
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  5. There's not much you can't wear with that suit in terms of pattern and colour as plaids are very versatile. If in doubt avoid plaid ties. I'd personally pick a red or burgundy polka dot tie for a special occasion.

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