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It's a Wonderful life - Party Ideas?

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by ViennaMimi, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. My *new* husband and I had a very small intimate wedding.
    As our friends and extended family received the news, they expressed a bit of sadness that they had not been able to " share our day".

    So, We cooked up this grand idea of having a " It's a Wonderful Life" 'Reception'.

    So far, We have thought about having a "Charleston contest" and of course, I would wear an outfit similar to the one Mary wore on her wedding day.

    Any great ideas?
  2. flat-top

    flat-top My Mail is Forwarded Here

    My wife and I had a Winter wedding--not an "It's a Wonderful Life" theme, but it was very vintage style.
    A neat idea that we had that might work for you was, instead of having a guestbook, we reproduced old 1930's Wintery postacards and placed them by an old mailbox.Guests filled them out and dropped them in the box. Everyone loved it. We mocked up the postcards with our names and wedding date on the front. Perhaps you can do the same, with a "Greetings From Bedford Falls" type of theme.
  3. Bells, angels, and a bridge. And maybe some sort of Savings and Loan. Hmmm . . . kiss the bride for a dollar, which goes into the bank account!
  4. I am not sure if A Wonderful Life lends itself in theme to the celebration of a beginning of a marriage.

    The vintage idea sounds fun. You cannot go wrong with classic music, invitations, etc.
  5. tempestbella42

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    why not just have a goldern era of holllywood party....."can cover a wonderful life" and give a wider scope... theres lots of "props" out there for this..http://www.hollywoodmegastore.com/frame-set3.htm?0accessories.html

    and my fav..ive earmarked some of the wallpaper for my nxt home....http://www.hometheatreinteriors.com/qs3/products.php

    maybe some ideas in there but i understand you may want something more classic....the film "white christamas comes to mind with its a wonderful life to me...
    how about college flags etc as decor either...wish i could be more helpful....id love to organise something like this.....right down to the food..:)
  6. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    Will the *old* husband be there?

    There was a scene where George chased Mary through the streets like a lunatic during the part where he'd never been born.

    Both of these things would make for an unforgettable party.

    (OK, I'm done being a wiseguy.) :)
  7. 59Lark

    59Lark A-List Customer

    marvelous simply marvelous darling

    Having been a jimmy stewart fan, only second fiddle to studebaker cars, this idea appeals me, just enjoy the good parts, my own life mirrors the board will close us down if you dont stay george. i know what it like to stay behind and save the building and loan, how about the victorila and the wooden sewing spool rotating the roasting chicken, there is lots that is fun, and without this movie where would bert and ernie have come from to live on with sesame street and zeo zoo was available for a visit , someone in toronto once bought a visit from her off e bay really. just dont ask clarence to come. 59Lark :eek:fftopic:
  8. Dagwood

    Dagwood Practically Family

    From a November 2007 CNN article:

    Nothing rings in the season better than sitting by a cozy fire, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying your favorite holiday movie. So, why not make a party out of it! Here are our ideas for how to bring "It's a Wonderful Life" -- to life!

    Make your own invitations by jazzing up plain card stock with quotes from the movie. Try, "Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings" or "Merry Christmas, movie house! Merry Christmas, Emporium! Merry Christmas, you wonderful old Building and Loan!"

    Set the scene! Make your house feel like a theater by ordering replica movie posters from the 1940s online. No snow outside? Make your house feel like Bedford Falls by decorating your windows with paper snowflakes!

    As guests arrive have the movie soundtrack playing in the background.

    Serve your guests traditional movie theater treats -- like hot buttery popcorn and oversized movie candy.

    While George Bailey's drink of choice was bourbon, Clarence the angel preferred mulled wine (with extra cinnamon). Have both on hand in case your guests want to enjoy cocktails inspired by the film.

    At the end of the movie, give your guests a holiday movie quiz! Have a copy of the film on DVD as the top prize.

    Give each guest their own bell as a party gift -- so they too can help an angel get its wings!
  9. Ideas for a party?

    Jazz-music (20s, 30s and 40s, for Charleston, swing, Lindyhop).

    Soft lighting. Candles. A dress-code (does anyone remember what those are, anymore?) --- some level of formality...and of course...FUN!

    And maybe some jazz-age cocktails. Manhattans, anyone?
  10. Wonderful!

    Thanks everyone!

    These are some great ideas!

    I talked with my husband about the thought that the idea that " A Wonderful Life ( may not ) lend itself in theme to the celebration of a beginning of a marriage."

    I hadn't thought about that. :eusa_doh:

    As we talked about some of our other favorite movies, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca.... It seemed that It's a wonderful life was the best idea.

    A friend of mine suggested a new movie with a nostalgic "feel": " The Notebook" If you haven't seen it It's a sweet story but,... it has a heartbreaking ending.
  11. If it is near Christmas when you have the party I think the crowd would be gleeful and remember it always. So different.
    2 movies are gifts to mankind IMHO.

    Its A Wonderful Life and Forrest Gump.
  12. If you do the Charleston contest, please oh please oh please do it over a floor with a swimming pool beneath it.

    Provide pictures too!

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