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Jones style Hunting Cap

Discussion in 'Hats' started by celtic, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. celtic

    celtic A-List Customer

    I tried to do a search, but JONES is quite a popular word here... ;)

    I'm looking for the old Jones style hunting caps. (not camo or blaze)

    Cabelas makes a version, but I've read that they're wider brimmed than the old style...creating more of a bucket shape...

    I found this link describing a company in Oregon still making them, but they don't seem to be online anyplace AMJ Pacific Co.:


  2. "Skeet" McD

    "Skeet" McD Practically Family

    Jones caps? Ay-uh; we' got 'em....

    Friend Celtic, Up here in the North-east, the old ways are not QUITE dead: LL Bean offers Jones caps in both Melton wool (in a number of colors) and also a cotton number (with Gore-tex insulation inside....) I think the shape is pretty good; but you'll have to decide for yourself. I have one and like it.

    Here are the URLs:


    Hope this helps, and may the Red gods smile on you!
  3. Daoud

    Daoud One of the Regulars

    I wish I had never read your post. I had no idea that "The Jones Hat Cap" ,as they were formally named, was no longer with us.....gone in the mists of time along with The Effanem Crusher Hat.

    I had one as a youngster.....I don't know why, I wasn't into hunting- but I wore it all the time until I got my first L.L. Bean British Felt Bush Hat. The Jones was the basic hunting-brown. I recall seeing them in a dark green, blaze orange and the old type of camo they call "duck hunter" these days, as well.

    The one at L.L. Bean isn't too bad, but the one model is wool and the other Thinsulate-lined.....both too hot most of the time, IMO.

    I bet if you keep a search going on eBay one will turn up.....things usually do. I know there is one in camo and one in blaze orange on there right now, but that's not what you want.

    Searching for this hat is hard, because of all the Indiana Jones-type hats that pop up........like with the Effanem Crusher- every other hat in the world is called a "crusher" any more- the remainder are "bucket hats." Or "Indiana Jones" hats.

    Just persevere and one will turn up. I'll holler at you if I see one. Good luck!
  4. celtic

    celtic A-List Customer


    I did notice those LLBeaners, but they look a bit too long too...almost like a bucket.

    I might end up with a wool one if the local outlet has any instock.


    Sorry about that! lol

    I did notice those on ebay, it seems that not only are they blaze and camo, they also are polyester with foam backing.... :eusa_doh:

    I'll keep looking.

    Thanks for the input, fellas!!
  5. Daoud

    Daoud One of the Regulars

    You're welcome. As I recall, though, the Jones I had- this would have been in the 1970s- had some sort of foam-ishness about it somewhere. Not the totally crappy foam like in a meshback ball cap, but some kind of synthetic stuff......I think it was in the fold-down earflap. Other than that it was cotton duck.
  6. celtic

    celtic A-List Customer


    I've never actually owned one, so thanks for letting me know not to worry about the foam. You read my mind about the meshback trucker caps...that's the first thing that came to mind. I was shocked when those came back into style...I always hated them in the 70s-80s. lol

    I would love to have a duck Jones cap, and I might pick up one of the LL Bean Wool hats next winter.
  7. CRH

    CRH Call Me a Cab

    Wow, this thread is really taking me back. We wore Jones caps back in the '60s in primary school. I don't recall why we thought they were so stylish.

    ...brown cotton duck with that... that foam insulation stuff. That foam stuff was strange. Much of the early synthetic fabrics were strange.
  8. pauljmuk

    pauljmuk New in Town

    got a sudden urge to go an watch The Deer Hunter....

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