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Just when you think you know, canvas lined vs. fused

Discussion in 'Suits' started by guitone, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. guitone

    guitone Familiar Face

    The more I read the more money I end up spending. I have been buying off the rack suits for years and now that I have an opportunity to buy a MTM Coppley I discolver the canvas vs the fused issue..the Coppley seems to be a combination with a floating piece of canvas in the front and some fusing (supposed to not have any puckering or dry cleaning issues)..the price is slightly more than an off the rack Hart SM suit, so the price is not the issue (these are both on sale, HSM $450, Coppley $525 in a pattern I liked). So I am now wondering and trying to gather information on the Coppley, and if this combinatoin of canvas and fusing will hold up well...I do not wear suits often, this will be the gray suit in the closet for whatever occasion I need a suit for. I am not a dry cleaning fanatic either, I only bring them in when I have to, and from reading more and more I will opt for just a pressing in the future if they are not dirty (I feel wool does not retain odor, only staining should be a reason for cleaning)...thanks for any comments you can provide.

  2. mano

    mano New in Town

    I know you're familiar with clothing from the SF, so you obviously have your reasons for needing a suit that's MTM. For the best bang for the buck, if you have a good alterations tailor, go on eBay and get yourself a brand new Hickey Freeman for the same price. Canvas construction, horn buttons and similar (but better) style as HSM. There are also plenty of near new HF's for far less. HF is single vented, however.

    If you post what size you are and I may be able to help you out. :cheers1:
  3. guitone

    guitone Familiar Face

    Hard to find 40 Shorts anywhere but a reputable shop...ebay has none in HF, maybe other brands....maybe another time...how hard to find a 40S with double vents?
  4. mano

    mano New in Town

  5. guitone

    guitone Familiar Face

    mano, thanks but I am a short, always will be. At a tad under 5'7" I need both short jackets and short rise slacks...at 54 I know one thing and that is the size I need. I laugh at the old days before I knew when I look at those old pics.

  6. guitone, if you normally wear short-rise slacks you probably have the luxury of simulating a vintage look by wearing normal or relatively high-rise pants.
  7. guitone

    guitone Familiar Face

    Vladimir, you know I wore regular rise pants for some time, still can in some pleated, but for the most part I wear short rise. I believe the canali slacks I own are regular rise, but for all else, especially American style I like short better.

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