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Leather Vests & Leather Shirts in Summer

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Gambetto, May 7, 2012.

  1. Gambetto

    Gambetto Familiar Face

    Does anyone have any interesting vests or shirts to share with the outerwear forum?

    I ride a motorcycle, but I am not overly enamored of motorcycle fashion in vests, per se, particularly the garden variety "biker" vest. I gravitate towards exotic horse hides and retro fashions in vests that predate the 1960's: Aero, Lost Worlds, Schott. . . . etc.

    I have been debating buying a leather vest, for life on and off the bike.

    How about you? Any vests in your closet that actually get worn? Pictures would be greatly appreciated!

    p.s. Leather shirts are also worth posting and discussing on this thread!
  2. Hi Gambetto and Welcome to the Lounge.

  3. Not a fan of leather waistcoats. I suppose they have their uses... colours, for one thing. Just never wear one with no shirt. You'll look like Sting.

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