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My new A-2 jacket. Your expert opinion please?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by PLATON, May 24, 2007.


    PLATON New in Town

    Hi guys,

    I too believe you can only get a descent A-2 only from Eastman, Aero, Real McCoy, Buzz Rickson, Lost Worlds or even G&B.

    The jacket I will present you here comes from a vendor that doesn't have such a good repuation as the above firms.

    Of course, the jacket was a custom job. (I had to pay a little extra).

    I am posting some photos so that you can tell me your opinion. Your opinion matters to me because some of you own good A-2 jacket and know better.






    So what do you think?
  2. Estevan

    Estevan One of the Regulars

    Very nice....I like the pocket flaps a bunch. The HH looks great. Nice job, a little droop to the shoulders, but that could have been fixed by shortening the epaulets a tad. Other than that, how the weight of the jacket? Heavy, thin, etc? Pocket placement seems about right. I like them a little closer to the zip though. About the zip, what is it?
  3. In my humble opinion I like the jacket. The construction looks fine enough and the grain on the pocket is nice.
    The only drawback to me is the shoulder length. I am not fond of shoulders that droop.
    Tell us what you think of your new jacket PLATON!

    PLATON New in Town

    I also don't like the drop of the shoulders.
    I like them squared just as Eastman makes them.
    Can afford an Eastman tho.

    The jacket is thin and light. I don't know how HH is supposed to be, please guide.
  5. greyhound68

    greyhound68 A-List Customer

    Graining is nice. HH can be either thick or thin I have both. I prefer it to be on the thinner side but that is a personal preference. Overall I like the jacket. Yeah shoulder droop but you know I have more expensive jackets that have that too. It all comes down to are you happy with it. I have owned Eastmans and just not been happy with them and ending up selling them.
  6. Very nice. :)
    I think I can guess the maker, and although they don't have a great reputation yet, they should one day as they do make a quality jacket.
  7. There are a couple things that can be done - I've had success with both. The good old "hot water" treatment can be selectively applied across the back shoulder seams. Letting the jacket dry in the full sun will provide a bit of shrinkage.

    Another thing that few have tried - but it has worked for me - and you will probably laugh. Military presses and lateral dumbell raises in the gym will cap-off those deltoids and fill in the shoulders. I know, I know - but it does work...
  8. SamReu

    SamReu One of the Regulars

    Spokes Man

    OK, Platon, spill: Who made the jacket (Which looks very nice, by the way)?

    PLATON New in Town

    It's a Cockpit (ex Avirex)

    Speaking about droop, which maker makes them with less droop?
  10. jamespibworth@n

    jamespibworth@n One of the Regulars


    I have a Lost Worlds A2 which has the smallest shoulders of my A2s (it’s a size to big but the shoulder fit is perfect) but they are pricey, unless you get lucky (as I did) and find one E Bay.

    The next best fit I have on the shoulders is Aero which in my opinion have the best overall authentic fit. I have recently purchased two from their specials on their web page.

    My Eastman Werber is a great fit in the body (Although the Werber is cut more snug) but the shoulders are somewhere between Aero and Lost Worlds.

    However I think the fit on yours is more than acceptable and apart from the slightly large shoulders the fit looks right and not at all blousy like some.

    I would say if the price is right and you are not looking for exacting details (lining, labels zips etc) you have not gone far wrong.

    Can I ask how much you paid?

    Also how is the jacket a custom job?
  11. PLATON

    PLATON New in Town

    I don't consider Lost Worlds, but which Aero models have the best shoulder fit?

    Actually, the fit of my jacket is much better that what can be seen in the pics I posted. I am quite happy about that.

    I paid $555 incl. shipping and the jacket is custom because it normally has 3 patches and a blood chit which I requested not to be included. They charged me extra for that.

    I had serious trouble determining the right size as they were suggesting 42 and I was thinking 38. Finally, I got 38 and it was spot on.
  12. Estevan

    Estevan One of the Regulars

    Why don't you consider LW? Just curious...For their products, or owner? Or is it a combination of both.

    IMO, and don't shoot me....You paid WAY too much. For that money, you could have easily found a nice Gibson and Barnes, Aero, or ELC...Granted, you may have to have waited a bit to find the latter two on their sale page But....

    Also, eBay has many nice originals and a 38 is easy to find and getting one for 555 is not unheard of. Also, many second hand Eastmans sell for less than that there.

    Pay a visit to the Dead Horse Society...AKA VLJIII http://cornellsurgery.com/phpBB3/index.php?sid=129f2c2b415c867cb3ee70ff6e2dbb5c as well as here to obtain some good info before your next purchase. And please, I'm not knocking the jacket in the least, just want to give you my honest opinion on the price paid.
  13. PLATON

    PLATON New in Town

    Nothing against LW. I just don't like the product.

    Yes, maybe I could get a G&B but I thought this one would fit better.

    I didn't want a second hand jacket so Eastman, Aero etc were out of question
  14. Raymundo

    Raymundo One of the Regulars

    G&B would fit you better in the shoulders than any of the brands you mentioned. Quality is much better than the Cockpit, IMO. Keep that in mind for future purchases.

  15. If I am not mistaken, (from a post at another forum) I think that PLATON likes his sleeves tapered. That is the about the ONLY thing that I do not like about my G&B A-2. Just a little more taper would be great... :)
  16. Looks like the fit is great... very 1940's. I prefer the more fitted jackets like that one.
  17. PLATON

    PLATON New in Town


    Are you suggesting that if I run hot water on the marked areas and dry in the sun, there will be some shrinkage?

    Will it work on horsehide?

  18. Estevan

    Estevan One of the Regulars

    You might be able to get some better answers by contacting a fellow named John Chapman. He is very knowledgeable on the hot water treatment and can give you some good advice on how to properly perform this. I lost his other email address, but you can still contact him here. flightjacketCD@hotmail.com

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