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new overcoat for 59LARK.

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by 59Lark, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. 59Lark

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    Was shopping with my brood, and was in a store called winners,, and i found a wool overcoat extra extra large made in canada, cardinal of canada since 1938 , was priced $350. now on sale for $120. so i was told by my wife you want it, buy it you wont see another for that price. so i bought it and now just waiting for the cold and a new fedora to wear with it. looked up on the web and the co closed their canadian factory in 2007 and moved to china and this coat is old stock thank you very much. so i am happy, but sad for our textile industry dying off . my italian casmere overcoat already had two lining put into it, and i was due for a new coat. and i paid $500. for that coat 8 years ago. my eldest daughter is becoming an expert seamstress and very good with felt and am hoping she can make or repair hats, you never know she might have to make more if her dad wants to keep wearing canadian made clothing. 59lark.
  2. Can't see why not.

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