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New SJC 1920s-1930s work suit and other nice things

Discussion in 'Suits' started by Metatron, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Hello all, you might have heard about SJC, it's a brand drawing inspiration from the vintage style we love, using high quality materials sometimes re-woven from old originals.

    Things are really starting to take shape now with belt-back jackets, norfolk jackets, both wide and tapered high waist trousers... All stuff that I never dreamed to see such loving reproductions of. They aren't really just reproductions to be fair - They have a character of their own.




    I 'm very impressed by the new workwear suit, check it out! Belted back, patch pockets and you can combine the jacket with two different cuts of trousers.

    The more I see new things appear on this site, the less I want to spend an untold amount of hours combing ebay for something vaguely interesting!
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  2. I've ordered a grey worksuit. I really like the Norfolk too: hopefully when budget allows!

    I know what you mean about shopping for vintage being a frustration: I've now hit the point where most anything thirties in my size is silly money even if poor condition.
  3. Wolf99

    Wolf99 New in Town

    They look very nice. I particularly like the look of the Norfolk as an odd jacket.

    It’s developing into a pretty cool range of vintage inspired stuff. I just wish I had a little more money to spend.
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  4. Yeah, he has quite the eye for design. I think it'sgreat to see this sort of thing around cheaper than a lot of the Japanese repop, and available in bigger sizes. As a rule, we're starting to hit the point now where a lot of 30s and 40s bits are just reaching the point where they're too rare / old/ fragile / valuable to be seen as everyday clothes, and repop starts to become the reality if you want to dress a certain way.
  5. I like the clothes although they do not seem to fit the model very well in the pictures.

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