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Noirish Radio

Discussion in 'Radio' started by poetman, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Any suggestions for old noir style radio programs?
  2. "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar," the adventures of a freelance insurance investigator with an "Action Packed Expense Account" would be a good place to start, especially the five-part serial episodes from the 1955-56 season. But the most noirish series ever heard on radio was "The Whistler," an anthology drama heard for most of its run exclusively on the West Coast. "The Whistler" himself was a mysterious conscience figure who narrated stories of people caught up in all kinds of dark manipularive behavior -- only to face their unanticipated destiny at the end.

    Both of these series are well worth exploring -- neither is the least bit campy, and many of the stories hold up quite well.
  3. 3fingers

    3fingers A-List Customer

    I like audionoir. It plays an endless loop of shows and still includes some of the original commercials. Johnny Dollar is one of their featured programs along with Dragnet, Broadway Is My Beat, The Lineup and many others.
  4. MikeKardec

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    My first show was a Hitchcockian noir; meaning a thriller but no detectives. It's pretty crude by my current standards (30 years later) but here's a couple of links --

    Here's the high sampling rate version ...

    here's Audible ...

    and here's Amazon, if you are looking for reviews ...

    I have no idea why they say it's narrated by William Bogart, there's no such person in the cast. We used a pretty reputable group of a dozen or so Hollywood actors. Sooner or later I'm going to replace all the sound effects and remaster the voices and music to bring it into the 21st century. Just got to find the time!

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