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Optimo report: travel folding so far so good

Discussion in 'Hats' started by JeffOYB, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. I bought a $40 (total) roll-up Optimo from eBay from panamahatsdirect just before going on my trip. It comes right from Ecuador.

    I folded it and gently packed it in my carry-on and it has popped back into shape quite well. It takes a few hours to tidy up and relax and lay right after being folded. But really it isn't as sharp as it was. This is a soft hat. But I like the look all right. We'll see how it breaks in and how I break in to it.

    I stopped by the Berkeley hats store in the Bay Area a few days ago---I saw some nice high end Panamas. Lots of hats in general there. Mens and ladies. Wigs, too.
  2. What general shape does this rollup have? Center dent , teardrop or optimo?
    I have a cheap optimo style that rolls and looks very good, the only problem was it has shrunk a few sizes.

  3. I'm on the road! But I guess I could finagle this borrowed computer to upload a pic...maybe if something scenic happens.

    We had dinner at the Tam'o'Shanter tonight---circa 1922.

    My new hat is an optimo style.

    But here's a tie-in to the "when to wear a hat" part of an older thread...my older uncle BRIDLES at the idea that I'd wear my Panama "sun hat" out at night. A fedora would be OK. I can't type what he thinks about someone who'd wear a baseball hat inside a restaurant but I did hear about it... : )

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