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Seltzer Siphon?

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by RondoHatton, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Has anyone a line on seltzer ("2¢ plain") in siphon bottles in the Los Angeles area? Mr. Julian Diamond is well I hear, but out of business; Galco old world soda in Eagle Rock no longer has any; Seltzer Sisters (http://www.seltzersisters.com/) is in the Bay area, and may, repeat, may expand to the L. A. area later this year or ? Can there be no working seltzer siphons in this desert? Any line around here on those Argentine two liter plastic siphon top plastic seltzer bottles? Jons (otherwise a terrible market) had 'em a few years ago... Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to spritz!

  2. Galco stopped? Thats terrible news.

  3. Looking for a decent one here in NY. Can't find 'em. There's actually a guy in Brooklyn who has the last seltzer route. Because he can't get the bottles any more, you have to prove to him that you're 'seltzer worthy'. This, I've heard tell, is done by giving him a tour of your home. He doesn't want to be bothered with hipsters who just think it would be cool to tell people, 'I've got a seltzer man'.


    Senator Jack
  4. Gone flat!

    Granted, SeltzerSisters in 'Frisco is probably closer to me in L.A. that these to you, but:

    Pittsburgh Seltzer Works, (412) 464-0300

    Stella Brothers Seltzer
    Proudly delivers to Rhode Island and the Greater Boston Areas

    It has to be available in New York, fer cryin out loud!
  5. You ain't seen nothin' till you've seen an entire truck covered with different colored seltzer bottles. Where's Clarabel the Clown when we need him?!
  6. We had the seltzer guy deliver when I was a kid in Canarsie. My mother would go through a case a week, because that's all she would drink - plain seltzer. Now that I think about it, what an odd thing to have delivered to your home. Of course, there was the Charles Chips guy too. Who needs a weekly supply of pretzels and potato chips?
  7. NicknNora

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    You guys are lucky. We have no seltzer water in Kentucky.:(
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    I have seen seltzer bottles with a built in CO2 cartridge. You fill them with plain water and the CO2 turns it into seltzer. They use the same CO2 cartridge as an air gun. Haven't seen one in years but I am sure they exist. If you can find one you can make your own seltzer.


    A Google search for co2 seltzer bottle turned up 141,000 hits. Here is one of the first, this guy has some nice vintage looking soda syphons with co2 cartridge charging.

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