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Sharp 1950 3pc Suit-Childs??

Discussion in 'Suits' started by Grace, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. I am completely stumped by a suit that I recently acquired.

    It's a very sharp 3pc DB suit, with nice wide lapels and pant legs. Very fine tone on tone herringbone tweed with a very subtle pin stripe. Inside label reads 'Made to Measure Expressly for: L. Saito' with a date of November 1950.

    Thing is, this suit is pretty small for an adult. Jacket has a 38 inch chest, but the vest is only 35. Waist is 30, inseam is 26 with an 11 inch rise.

    Is it for a small man or a boy? Was it common to have suits expressly tailored for children?
  2. that's just for a very short guy. Maybe a 16 year old or so. Sounds about 2 inches shorter than me in the legs, so pretty short for a guy, but they exist

  3. vonwotan

    vonwotan Practically Family

    That suit sounds quite interesting. Do you have any photographs? Just guessing, but the name Saito is Japanese so this may also have been for relatively small asian gentleman.
  4. one thing that'll really give an indication as to the age of the customer is the shoulders. How wide are they? If for an adult you'd expect them to be 16-17 at that height. below 16" you're possibly looking at a kid's suit.

  5. Thank you, Baron!

    The shoulder measurement is exactly 17 inches, and I'll bet you're right that it belonged to an Asian man.
  6. Here is a quick photot:


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