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Shuddle Bro 3x size 7 1/2

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by DOGMAN, Feb 3, 2017.


    DOGMAN Practically Family

    Wish this hat was my size,would keep it.Found this hat last summer at the estate sale of Victor Schreckengost,Industrial designer,teacher,sculptor,artist.Passed in 2008 at 102 yrs.Very interesting man Google him.50's Stetson 3x Shuddle bros.Asking $160 shipped CONUS.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    DOGMAN Practically Family

    Great hat for someone,size 7 1/2.
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    DOGMAN Practically Family

    No Love for my Stetson.I don't think I'm asking to much for a 50's Stetson.Maybe if I did a conversion and made it a Fedora,someone might want it.Or maybe I could stuff the sweatband and keep it.What to do?
  4. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    Can you sprinkle it with Miracle Grow & make it a 7-5/8? What are the brim & crown specs? Too much provenance & history there to convert it to a fedora, IMO.
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    DOGMAN Practically Family

    No don't think Miracle Grow will work.I'm a 23" head and it's just a little big on me.Front to back about 8 1/8",side to side about 6 3/4".Hat has a 3" brim.As creased 4" front and back.Would guess about 5" open crown,has such a cool crease didn't want to mess it up.I do like the hats history.But this hat needs a head and if no one wants it as a western...It would make a great fedora.
  6. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    I'd love to have it but it's just not going to ever fit me. Good luck with whatever you decide!

    DOGMAN Practically Family

    Price Drop...$155 shipped CONUS

    DOGMAN Practically Family

    Hat still looking for a head to sit on...
  9. FedOregon

    FedOregon I'll Lock Up

    It's a beautiful hat, with wonderful provenance. If I didn't already have a custom on the block and 3 refurbs coming due for payment next week, this one would be flying to Oregon...
  10. Great looking hat I wish I could
  11. DOGMAN

    DOGMAN Practically Family

    The hat wished that also.
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  12. What is the color, Silver Belly???? I am thinking I might jump on this...the wheels are churning on it now....hahah!
  13. tommyK

    tommyK One Too Many

    DOGMAN, that hat is glorious! Can't believe this hasn't been snapped up! What a price!

    I didn't have any luck selling here recently either. They all went to ebay
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  14. Joshbru3

    Joshbru3 I'll Lock Up

    The lounge is a very different place today than it was when I joined about 7 years ago. There used to be lots of trading and selling among lounge members because people loved the fact that they had "first pick" at vintage hats before they went to ebay. Now, buyers think that when a vintage hat goes to ebay that maybe they will scoop it up for a better deal than what was being offered here on the lounge. Many times a very nice vintage hat will go for more money on ebay than what was being asked for here on the lounge. People used to like buying on the lounge because they got a deal on the price. And buyers and sellers used to have an open dialog and negotiate prices. Just recently a Dobbs Jolly Rounder in 7 1/8 sold on ebay for over $500. Similar hats used to be offered on the lounge for about $100-$150 and scooped up within a day. There used to be a very big focus on pre-WW2 hats and lots of research on hat companies, hatting practices, etc. Things definitely have changed.
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  15. You are right, however I personally still consider and will make a purchase from a fellow lounger if my budget will allow me to do so. For one thing if a lounger is selling a hat, the information about the hat to base the purchase is most likely accurate. To buy from sellers on eBay that do not know what a moth nibble or correct size is always a concern.

    Also if you wore a 7 1/2 and offered it for sale here, I am going to really look at making a purchase as most of the hats you have owned are amazing! Not to say this hat here for sale is not!
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  16. Please do PM me in the future if you have a hat up for sale....your size normally would fit Daniel, and I know your hats are in great condition. Thanks so much!
  17. NewJack

    NewJack A-List Customer

    If I may add, unfortunately for me, many of the sizes available simply don't fit my noggin. I would love to give a lounge member preference over eBay's often overpricing (IMHO). When my money tree is has its share of leaves, The Lounge is the first place I check.
  18. Amen! And Hello how are ya?
  19. DOGMAN

    DOGMAN Practically Family

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by to comment on this hat sale.I have had some interest in the hat.But I think because it has some shallow moth nibbles on the back brim,that has kept it from selling.It's a great hat,but not perfect.I tried to take a pic of the spot.[​IMG]
  20. Those issues are not a factor to me right now...but...I am about out of cash as it can get right now. have a hat waiting from Tim (alley kat) and desire to order from Esther soon as well. I can go through extra money so fast...you would think I should have been a quick draw gun slinger! HAHA! But then it is what us Gals do! I've already spent over a grand this month...and it is the 3rd of the Month...imagine THAT! Heheheh!
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