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Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by MrBern, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Bars ignore smoker ban

    Despite the smoking ban - because of it, actually - Philadelphia now has "smoke-easies," a play on "speakeasies" that came to us with the Prohibition of alcohol. Prohibition was enacted in 1920, repealed in 1933 and largely ignored in between. I'm surprised at how many Americans meekly obey smoking bans.

    This is about Philadelphians who don't.
  2. That is interesting and makes total sense. I wonder if there are any hidden "smoke-easies" in this city.
    The funniest line..
  3. Yeah, I ran into a couple of them in Oregon. Of course, when it gets this bad in Texas, I will staunchly support them, even if I've quit. G-grandma Grace rant he speakeasies, have to keep the family tradition alive of causing trouble.
  4. Arizona's smoking ban (including bars!) is going into effect May 1st.

    I expect "smoke-easies" to crop up... or at least, I wish they would. Booze and smoke go together. There are some places that are much more attractive, too, through a smokey haze.

    Also, I wonder how long it'll take for the decades-long smoke-stink to leave these older establishments. We'll walk in, and it'll still smell like smoke!
  5. Oh, well this was inevitable.

    Let the smokers go to organised crime for the joy of smoking. I'll stick to my smoke-free atmosphere (starting this summer in London! :eusa_clap :eusa_clap)

  6. Cacklewack

    Cacklewack One of the Regulars

    Praise God for Smoke-easies!

  7. Story

    Story I'll Lock Up

    Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose

    I used to live in an ancient three-story circa 1910 twin that had been a speak-easy and still had the (long-abandoned) bar in the basement.
  8. staggerwing

    staggerwing One of the Regulars

    Funny coincidence. I woke up early this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. I was for some reason thinking about how I used to enjoy a drink and cigar at the local bar, and how, with the smoking bans everywhere I don't go to such places anymore. I was also thinking about how the few places that do allow smoking prohibit pipe and cigar smoking, making us the most discriminated against. Then it hit me...what if? An underground drinking and smoking establishment along the lines of a speakeasy! Then, I get up, start browsing through the Fedora Lounge, and I find this thread. Kinda hard to come up with a really new idea these days!
  9. celtic

    celtic A-List Customer

    about a year ago i was in a local dive and noticed that a few people were illegally smoking cigarettes at the bar.

    i asked the tender what the deal was, and she pointed to a large fishbowl filled with paper and coins. "that's the smoker's ban fine jar. all the regulars who smoke add to it. if we get busted and get a fine, that jar's going to pay for the ticket"

    "well, what would people do if i brought a cigar in and smoked it?"

    "they'd probably get really pissed"

  10. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    Sounds like a great system.

    I really don't understand why anyone would rather smell cigarettes than cigars or a pipe, though. Maybe I have an unusual olfactory sense.
  11. Dr. Shocker

    Dr. Shocker One of the Regulars

  12. "Smokers will have some bars, nonsmokers will have many bars and everyone will be happy - except for the Nicotine Nazis who can't stand reasonable compromise."

    Sounds about right. I need to find the places around here. :eusa_clap


  13. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Prohibition all over again.

    The local Police officers tell me that the only thing the Ohio ban has accomplished is to create large piles of cigarette butts a few yards from every tavern door.
    These Smokeasies aren't just a metro thing. In my small town there are a couple of bars where the smoke remains thick. Woe to anyone, in uniform or not, who tries to say {use Wally Cox voice here} "Excuse me sir, you'll have to put that stinky old cigarette out."
  14. Quit complaining and move to Chile, folks, where people smoke like crazy.

    Where American brands -- Lucky Strike, Marlboro -- are advertised on TV all day long.

    Where teens can buy cigarettes from any newspaper and magazine kiosk, one stick at at time.

    Where smoke surrounds you everywhere: in airports, in lobbies, in restrooms, in all bars and restaurants.

    Where you can't go anywhere at night without coming home reeking like an ashtray: your skin, hair and clothes.

    Cig smoke is an equal opportunity stinkbomb.

  15. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Smoke. MMMMMMMMM...MMMMM:eusa_booh
  16. "New" cigarette smoke smells good for about two minutes. After that, it gets nasty very quickly.

    Pipe smoke smells nasty too, unless it's from aromatic tobacco ... which tastes nasty. (And yes, I'm a pipe smoker.)

    Cigar smoke is intolerable to practically everyone who doesn't smoke cigars.

  17. Ah the old "stinky clothes" defense. C'mon Marc, I thought you were more intelligent than THAT.

    Y'all check out The Metropolitan Society This is from my "home" Cigar Weekly

    As a cigar smoker, I don't understand the ban on pipes and cigars, as they usually do smell better than cigarettes. I have some choice thoughts on cigarettes, I'll leave it at this, pipes and cigars are much different, enjoyed in a different manner for different reasons, usually. The "inhale" is not part of the normal cigar or pipe smoking. It tends to be more about relaxation, and enjoying the blender's art.

    I'll say no more, because with smoking bans the rage, and those who would deny us the venues to enjoy totally legal products, we should not be in fighting.

    I would ask those who favor the bans....why not push for crminialization. To hear you all, who hate tobacco, and smoking, why not make it illegal for us to foul your hair and clothes? That would take guts.
  18. Explain, please.

    According to WHO? Most non-cigar smokers would disagree intensely.

  19. You know that's not going to happen. :p They prefer creeping incrementalism like the stuff that came out of Berkeley around 30 years ago that started all this. First it started with having two sections---smoking and non, now it is just non. Soon it will be non in public and then non even in your own home. They won't have to ban it; it will be legal but illegal to smoke anywhere. :eusa_doh: :p


  20. celtic

    celtic A-List Customer

    i smoked cigarettes for about 10 years, then quit. nowadays i smoke a cigar or a pipe bowl about once a week.

    back when i was smoking only cigarettes and the occasional (cheap) cigar, i thought cigars smelled horrible.

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