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Sold FLeck suit-- 900 dolars worth?

Discussion in 'Vintage Finds and Deals' started by DamianM, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Great looking suit. Prices on Ebay no longer surprise me.

    Anyone care to venture on the country of the maker?

    Best regards
  2. Wow . . . and wow . . . I have seen fleck suits go for a lot, and that is a very flecky suit, but I can't remember one getting that near to a grand unless it was significantly larger (I'm talking north 46 coat or bigger with a 42" trouser waist).
  3. Sure. Dollars-to-doughnuts it's American. The listing doesn't mention a label, but I'd guess it's from a small, higher end haberdasher that offered off-the-rack and made-to-order. Speaking from experience, such is usually the case when these early/mid 50s flecked suits/sport coats feature "exotic" (for the time) features like ticket pockets or duel vents.
  4. Its a great fleckfull suit. I was watching it and double in price in the last 5 minutes. from 400 to 900. It blows my mind.
  5. HardBoiledMarlowe

    HardBoiledMarlowe One of the Regulars

  6. yes I saw that one too.

    Should I go down to my local vintage shop and buy the 100 super fleck suit too?
  7. Interesting bid histories on those suits. Both had a bidder with close on 100, 000 feedback (One 109,765 and the other 81,381 who didn't win). I guess these must be dealers or buying for a movie?

  8. I must say I'm sad to see this B/S still being perpetuated:

    "Please be aware that "inseam" length in a period suit is not truly comparable to a modern suit as the crotch is usually worn a bit lower. The OUTSEAM measurent is much more reliable"
  9. Man Love that fabric.
  10. Oh phish, that advise is perfectly fine . . . if you want to look like you're just S*** your pants!
  11. Good observation. I had chalked it up to pre Viva Las Vegas online shopping. Certain quintessential rockabilly must-have items go bonkers in the lead up, but not usually not this early and not that bonkers.
  12. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Please, dear collectors concentrate on this 50s fleck suits and make them as expensive as you like.

    Forget all you have ever known about 30s beltbacks or vintage workwear. You don't really need this stuff. Everybody has it. Buy 50s fleck suits!

  13. HA That wont happen
  14. Actually, from observation and experience I would say that, while the average price per-piece may be higher for 30s items, the collectors who are who are into 50s vintage willing to pay much higher prices for certain select items.

    This is especially true when you consider that there is an enormous cross over between collectors who buy 50s "Rock'n'roll" wear (read: fleck suits, multi-tone rick/Hollywood jackets, Hawaiian shirts, etc.) and collectors who buy 30s/40s/50s motorcycle gear, work wear, hot rod clothing denim.
  15. resortes805

    resortes805 Call Me a Cab

    Guttersnipe is right! In fact, some of the best '30s workwear I've seen has been at the rockabilly festivals. Vendors who once specialized in the post-war stuff have become especially adept at finding and picking the best moto/workwear from decades earlier.

    The fact that this is a matching suit with that fabric made it so valuable. Years ago, I sold a suit like it. On a whim, I set a buy-it-now of $600 not expecting anyone to bite. It sold the next day.
  16. HardBoiledMarlowe

    HardBoiledMarlowe One of the Regulars

    This reminds me of a portion of the flyer for the vintage auction at the the 3rd "Inspiration" show:

    "'Rin, we vintage clothing enthusiasts have been focusing on more extreme rare items from around the WWI era...' Wait a minute, friends! I understand such a phenomenon has continued for many years, but you know, popular vintage items from American mid-century times have been our 'bread and butter' for over 30 years since the 1980s. So now, for everyone's entertainment, I am personally very interested in paying back a lot of attention to such items: how much business potential do 1950s items still have left...?"

    Like you said, certain select items can fetch very large prices. Common and plain items don't seem to go for as much as they once did.
  17. HardBoiledMarlowe

    HardBoiledMarlowe One of the Regulars

    Edit: As Guttersnipe said, certain select items can fetch very large prices.
  18. Well it's a real nice suit and all and it's also quite common to see prices like that for vintage items on E-Bay,that
    being said I just got the shopping bug please excuse me as I'm heading for "Goodwill"
  19. Spent all day today all over the citys second hand store doing just that !

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