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Some Advice

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by PinupsNPibbles, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. PinupsNPibbles

    PinupsNPibbles New in Town

    Hello everybody! I found this amazing gem of a website yesterday and have spend many hours looking around. I'm in need of some advice though, please? :)

    I may or may not make any sense, but I'll try. I've wanted some pinup-esque hair for just about as long as I can remember. I've loaded my computer with pictures as well as the middy plus and femme fatale diagrams. My hair is really long, so I'm probably going closer to femme fatale for now. Anyway, ok, I want the femme fatale but I also really want the famous Bettie bangs. So that being said, would I take the femme fatale diagram and tell her that that's what I want, but with the bangs starting as a v in the top center? Or...is it not really possible to do both (and have it look good)? My appointment is this evening and I'm excited and nervous! Any help would be appreciated, and perhaps if any of you have the Bettie bangs with a middy-esque cut, you could share pictures? Thanks again!
  2. AdrianLvsRocky

    AdrianLvsRocky One of the Regulars

    Welcome! I have bettie bangs and a middy-esque cut. If you look in my profile, you can see a better close up of my hair. In that phot, I'd had my hair cut into a pretty good version of a middy at my hairdressers so she worked around the bangs that I already had.
  3. RodeoRose

    RodeoRose A-List Customer

    Yes! I have a middy and short bangs, and I think it looks fine. If you would like to see pictures, there are lots at the blog in my signature; I had a longer middy and Betty bangs until June, and now it's shoulder length.
  4. Retro_GI_Jane

    Retro_GI_Jane One of the Regulars

    If you're not ready for the commitment of bangs, you could always fake them. Just get your hair cut femme fatale length and then when you feel like bangs, just part your hair in the classic V-shape, comb forward and roll up and under.
  5. PinupsNPibbles

    PinupsNPibbles New in Town

    Thank you! I'm pretty excited to know this is possible! haha

    I think I'm ready for the bangs. I want them more than anything. :) I've wanted the hair for a really long time but I let my hair grow really long, so I've been a little scared of it. But having super long hair is really boring me. I usually do something real fun and not boring with my hair, like I had it fully fire-engine red for a while. And I absolutely adored it, but with my insane long hair, it was really expensive to keep up. I had hot pink dread locks at one time. Purple hair another time. One time I did go insanely short and I liked it, but only at a very specific length, so that was really hard to keep up with too. I love all the style possibilities I'll have because of this cut. And I was hoping to try out for the 2013 Pin Ups for Pit Bulls Calender (In case there are any fellow pit bull lovers here: http://pinupsforpitbulls.org/ Awesome organization!), but I've recently discovered that I'm pregnant, so I'll have to wait until 2014, BUT I figure this will give me some extra time to practice on my hair and make sure my styling skills are perfect. ;) haha

    Thanks for the help, though! I'm really excited to come home and start playing with it. :)

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