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Taper on hats

Discussion in 'Hats' started by silvereed, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. silvereed

    silvereed Familiar Face

    Would someone explain what the "taper" on the hat is? Reverse taper ? Thank you.
  2. Joel Tunnah

    Joel Tunnah Practically Family

    If you look at the hat in profile, the amount the front and back of the crown leans inward is the "taper". If the crown leans outward at the front and back, it's called "reverse taper".
    Usually the sides are not being referred to.

    The amount of taper is due to the block used when the hat is made, the height of the crown, how it's styled, and hopefully not due to weathering/use.

  3. jimmy the lid

    jimmy the lid I'll Lock Up

    It's all in the avatar...

    Silvereed -- To understand taper, look at the woman's hand in your avatar. Now follow the line of her hip upwards and observe how it curves in...Wow, never knew I was such a big fan of taper...:D

  4. Just wait till you favorite hat has to dry out in a warm room. Next time you put it on you'll look like Zippy The Pinhead.
  5. Taper -

    Reverse taper -
  6. AdmiralTofu

    AdmiralTofu One of the Regulars

    Fortunately I've never been caught in a heavy rain with any of my hats yet, but when this does happen... how to prevent the taper from happening as the hat dries out?

    (Rest of question retracted -- answered in another thread.)


    (Postscript: yay! I'm off the newbie list!) :beer:
  7. silvereed

    silvereed Familiar Face

    tip my hat

    Thanks for the info. You guy are awesome.
  8. Earp

    Earp One of the Regulars

    Admiral Tofu's Question

  9. Earp

    Earp One of the Regulars

    As you can see in my current avatar, my 20 year old Outback has developed this problem over the years. I'd like to learn how to restore it to it's former glory, but perhaps keep some of the old look ;)

    (I need to get some pics of me in my new hats)


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