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Topper's car?

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Quigley Brown, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. I watched 'Topper' last night on TCM (Cary Grant, 1937) and was in absolute amazement of his boattail/tail fin convertible. Anyone know what it was? On the IMDb some are saying it's a Cord or a Buick or an Auburn. Wish I could find a photo of it. I was also trying to figure out its color since the film was in b/w. My guess was red or yellow.
  2. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I am pretty sure that it was a 1936 Auburn Boat-tail Speedster, the same as the car in the beginning of "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."

    I actually saw one of these cars at an Art Deco exhibit at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. It is a beautiful car. The car I saw, the one in "TOD," and the one from "Topper," if I am indeed correct, were all yellow.
  3. Topper

    DId you notice the fabulous Deco home that Carole and Cary had? I would kill for that streamlined living room, especialy the fireplace. Though that car on my doorstep tommorrow morning put me in a coma.
  4. Auburn 835 Boat Tail Speedster.

    I do belive you are right, It has been a long time scince I have seen the Movie. But I was Thinking it was a Auburn 1935 Model 835 Supercharged Boat tail speedster.
    Powered by a In-Line 8 cylender engin by Lycomming with a Columbian 8 to 1 compressor Supercharger producing 150 hp.
    This car also had a 2 speed rear diferental (Optional) or a Columbian elictric overdrive ( also Optional) Each car was tested at over 100 mph at the Indianpolis speedway and certified as to the date, speed and driver.

    The cars were built by the Auburn Automobile Company, Auburn, Indian and was part of the A.C.D Group. ( Auburn, Cord and Dusenberg) owen by E.L.Cord.

    Forgive me if I made any mistakes, this is all off the top of my head out of memory.
    I use to Show a Auburn 8-98 Roadster of 1931 for a friend at Concorce de Elegances.
  5. Yes, definately,.....

    ........a boat-tailed Auburn. Unmistakeable and one of the most beautiful works of art ever produced in the golden age of automobiles.I actually saw a red one on the freeway here a couple of years ago. :cool2:
  6. "Oh, look at my car. . ."

    Sorry for dredging up an old thread, but I found it. The car was a one-off 1936 Buick Roadmaster roadster built by Bohman & Schwartz. It still exists, but no longer looks like the car from the film. The last record of it I found was at this auction.

    It's a shame, really, since it was such a gorgeous car. I suppose if you wanted to buy an old '36 Roadmaster and rebody it, it could be done. I'd add a removable top though.

    Someone asked about the car's color. I remember watching the colorized version of the film and I think it was a cream or peach color. . .
  7. Flitcraft

    Flitcraft One Too Many

    Thanks for taking the time to post- the provenance was pretty interesting. One of those "I wonder whatever happened to ....." type of situations.
  8. The Wingnut

    The Wingnut One Too Many

    Digging up more information on the car, it's suffering Washington Hatchet Syndrome. Evidently at some point it had a Chrysler Imperial frame and 331ci Hemi stuffed under it...so, little if anything is left from the original car.
  9. For anyone interested Speedster Motorcars makes a stunning reproduction of the 36 Auburn speedster, I've seen them first hand and they are really something!!!

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