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Tweed issue "Free & Easy" Japan mag, Dec. '10... "My Rugged 211"?

Discussion in 'The Reading Room' started by JeffOYB, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Maybe everyone here already knows about "Free & Easy" but i just saw my first copy... and bought it. It's a Japanese men's classic-style "unfashionable" fashion magazine. The Dec. 2010 #12 issue is "Tweed & Leather." Nice & fun!

    http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=154589 (googling the mag yields tweed issues for other dates as well...)

    How about the editor's book "My Rugged 211" -- I guess it's 211 items from his closet...


    I really dig the idea of a mag that also has a store and a clothing line... OK, make that a mag with a "rugged" theme... :) I mean, heck, *I* have a mag...and a (web and tradeshow table) store...and a luggage line...and I resell mil-sup clothing...and I have a rugged theme! It would just be so much fun to take it up a notch... I have a friend who has a popular garage alongside his house in downtown Ann Arbor...maybe I could set up a storefront/workshop there... And I have a few clothing ideas... :)
  2. Then there's the *Workwear* "mook", also from Japan.

    Whew, some neat things to catch up on! Rather pricey, though, if you're not at a "local" newstand. And maybe even then, too? I wonder what *Workwear* costs in Japan?
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    I just ordered "The 30s and 40s Book" issue of the free and easy mag. I didn't want to buy the other issues because they could contain to much stuff from other periods than the golden era and they are quite expensive too. This was on sale @ebay (one issue left)
    Now I hope this is the one "must have" book from this series. Does somebody here own this?

  4. Great magazines, the only problem is getting this stuff in the U.S. Our dollar is in the toilet. Clutch magazine is good too. Their premiere issue features boots, cycles, and leather jackets.
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    Are there other issues with a real focus on the 20s-40s? I really don't want to pay for a mag with lots of post 50s stuff.
  6. JeffOYB, do you have a pic of the cover of that issue ? (is it the John Malkovitch cover ?) i wouldn't mind finding it.

    Flo, i have that 30s-40s issue. it has lots of interesting workwear in it (no suits), all American. the 'photo-shoots' are a bit uninspired. a good reference source book for workwear.
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    Thanks. I found that one too. Hm...still rather expensive. I guess I have to wait.
  10. there's some pics of the inside of that one on the sodabooks site; seems it's just about Japanese vintage shops. :(
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